Torrents are a Great Way to Share Files Quickly


Torrenting is the process of downloading content such as music, movies, games etc. from the Internet. Torrenting needs a peer to peer network, which means that the files you download are not from a single or central server. You do not need to depend on one main server to download content; there are several sources to download the files from and complete the download. In the traditional method of downloading files, you cannot download a file if the main server is down. Also, if the computer suddenly shuts down or you lose your internet connection, the download will pause on its own and will resume once you are back online. You don’t need to start the entire download process again, as in the case of the traditional method of download. 

As mentioned above, the several networks that you can download your required content from, are called peers and form the peer-to-peer network. Small bits of data of a large file are downloaded from the participating peers to facilitate the file-sharing process. The small packets of a large file are saved in several individual computers and are uploaded for other users to download via a torrent client. This group of users distributing the torrent files are called swarms. Just in case there is no seeder available, it is not possible to download. Torrenting even allows you to create a torrent and share large files with other users easily. 

Is the Torrenting Process Safe?

For safe torrenting, it is necessary to use a VPN; as a robust VPN will prevent your Internet Service Provider from tracking your torrenting activity. You will have to download and install a VPN software on your computer, then connect to a VPN server and then you are free to browse anonymously and download torrent files safely. 

The Process to Download a Torrent File

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To start torrenting you will have first to download a torrent client. There are several torrent clients, both pain and free, on the Internet. Look for the one that suits you and is appropriate for your device. Be a little careful in selecting the torrent client, as some might contain adware that might cause some issues with your device. Just to be on the safer side, you can choose to download BitTorrent, a popular and safe torrent client. 

Once you install a torrent client, you need to download a tracker with a wide variety of torrent files. A torrent tracker only has torrent files; it does not host any data on the server. It tracks the available peers and directs them to you when you search for a file. A tracker creates a communication path between users to help them distribute torrent files. 

Once you download a suitable tracker site, then the download process is very easy. Just search for the content you require in the search option. The site will show the available torrent files related to your search. Sometimes the search results can show hundreds of options to download. However, you must download the file with more seeders than leechers as it will help boost the download speed. Check the file details and ensure that it contains the data that you requested.

Once you find the most compatible and safe file for your system, start downloading it. There are several torrent sites to download content from, but The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest and most popular ones as it does not charge any subscription fee like others. This leaves you free to share as many torrents as you want. Additionally, it hosts millions of torrents to download, apps, music, movies, games, and a lot more. Also, it is easy to use, and most importantly, it is safer to use. It has a comment section under the torrent files, where users comment about the authenticity and safety of the torrent file. You can check the description and then decide which file you want to download.

Sometimes if The Pirate Bay is blocked in a particular country, you can use its proxy sites such as These proxy sites are also reliable; however, you must never try torrenting without using a VPN.

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