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Types of Carbon Fiber

Introduction of carbon fiber:

Joseph Swan made the first carbon fiber in 1860, this carbon fiber was used in a bulb. Normally, the carbon fiber tube is 5 to 10 inches in diameter. It is black in color. It is made up of carbon atoms that are combined to form carbon fiber. The carbon fibers have numberless uses in different applications such as tactical ladders, trusses, beams and in many other applications.

Types of carbon fiber:

There are different kinds of carbon fiber such as plain weave, twill weave, harness satin weave and many others.

Plain weave:

Plain weave are also called 1×1 weave. It is similar to that of check board. Its fiber are tightly packed with each other. This type of carbon fiber is very flexible as compared to the other types of carbon fiber and it is easier to handle. This type of carbon fiber is best for straight sheets and for two dimensional curves. The carbon atoms are woven in a regular pattern.

Twill weave:

In this type of carbon fiber tow is passed over two toes and under two tows. Its pattern is 2×2 and 4×4. This fiber can bend therefore it should be treated carefully. However, in case of pattern 4×4 tow is passed over four tows and under four tows.

Carbon fiber tube manufacturer:

Here, we have discussed about graphite fiber tube manufacturercompanies. These companies make different types of carbon fiber tubes. Following are the companies that make carbon fiber tubes:

  • Tasuns composite technology Co. LTD
  • SHINGHAI LIGIN import and export Co. LTD
  • Shenzhen Jinjiuyi Electronic & Technology Co. LTD

Now we shall discuss that which products these carbon fiber tube manufacturer companies make.

Tasuns composite Technology Co. Limited:

This company provide the following carbon fiber products:

  • Round Carbon Fiber Tubing Tarp Poles for backpacking outdoor.
  • 3k Weave Roll Wrapping Carbon Fiber Tubes for RC planes.
  • Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tube Tent Poles with Aluminum LTD.
  • Pultruded D Shaped Carbon Fiber Tube CFRP Tubes for musical reinforcement.
  • Pultruded Carbon Fiber square tubing.
  • Lightweight 3k Weave Hex Carbon Fiber Tube Mold Pressing

These products are used for different purposes and many other graphite fiber tubes are produced by them.

SHINGHAI LIGIN import and export Co. LTD:

The products produced by this company are 100% Real Carbon Fiber Round Tube 3K Carbon Fiber Roll Wrapped Twill Tubes ( its length is 1000mm and this tube is a type of twill carbon fiber ), 3k Twill Plain Weave Carbon Fiber Tube ( its length is 1000mm ) and many other tubes are produced by this company.

What is meant by custom carbon fiber tube??

Custom graphite fiber tube means that you can order the fiber of your choice. The outside diameter of the 3k weave carbon fiber tube is 6mm and that of inner diameter is 4mm.

Shenzhen Jinjiuyi electronic and technology Co. Limited:

This company produces many graphite fiber tubes and this company also provide graphite fiber tubes according to your requirement (means that they make tubes on orders).  Such tubes that are prepared on special order are called custom carbon fiber tube.

Price of carbon fiber tubes:

The price of carbon fiber tube depends upon the size and type of the fiber you want. The price normally starts from $9000 to $ 390.

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