Unveiling a versatile crypto leverage trading


When it comes to enigmatic crypto leverage trading then one must remember to explore BTCC, an entity founded in Shanghai way back in June 2011, for varied crypto as well as futures trading of the day. Their popularity assisted them in successfully gaining around five million US dollars, especially in Series A funding from none other than the globally famous Lightspeed Venture Capital.  

Reasons for a safe crypto leverage trading at BTCC

It is no doubt that the safest crypto leverage trading can be carried out at BTCC. This is simply because, in 2017, the bitcoins mined by them were nearly 900 million US dollars per year, and later in 2019, they became the prime renders of easily deliverable perpetual contract which as the name suggests does not have any expiry date for the high convenience of their valued members.

This in turn assisted them to highly boost their crypto leverage trading, which was the essential segment of their vital plan to develop a nationally and internationally acclaimed cryptocurrency market that is totally devoid of any kind of online transaction manipulations. 

Moreover, their innovation brought a drastic change in the industry of cryptocurrency universally. This success of theirs in cryptocurrency exchange in general and crypto leverage trading in specific was purely dependent not only on their successful models but also on eminent management experiences in the contemporary financial market.  

The crucial results of crypto leverage trading in BTCC

The outcome of crypto leverage trading in BTCC was unbelievable. In January 2019, their contract was launched officially with a trading volume exceeding 1,000,000,000 RMB per day and two months later, in March 2019, their physical perpetual delivery contract got a daily trading volume of over 1,200,000,000 USDT and in October 2019, they created a massive 1,899,016 USDT for its users. So, their 2019 operational data reported monumental cumulative earnings of over 14,000,000,000.

Additionally, in 2019, they had tremendously acquired more than 900,000 users from all over the world and the number of the online transactions that were executed by them including the crypto leverage trading increased by more than 430,000 and their available online transaction lot size was enormously above 8,000,000.

The  reasons for choosing online crypto leverage trading at BTCC   

It is the best selection of choosing BTCC for crypto leverage trading since they are assimilated with innumerable benefits. Primarily, the user will have a remarkable knowledge of real-time data as and when he or she needs it. Moreover, there is much to learn from their crypto basics as well as provided research and analysis information. 

In addition, the access to their website viz. https://www.btcc.com/ is very fast and easy, and their customer service support is available day round through live chat to solve the issues of their worldwide customers pertained to trading, leverage, or any other related matter.

Lastly, they offer an exclusive 14000 USDT bonus for their new users. However, a user has to accurately meet the deposit targets within a week’s time after the successful registration. This is even applicable for those members interested to select their crypto leverage trading

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