VPS Hosting UK: All You Need to Know


Secure VPS hosting is a type of hosting providing dedicated or private resources to the user with the server sharing with neighbors. It comes between shared and dedicated hosting and shares some characteristics of both. One of the greatest choices for beginners going towards expertise. A cheap but trusted way of hosting your site and enjoying all the facilities that dedicated hosting provides is costly. 

With secure VPS you can have high bandwidth, SSD storage space, SSL certified hosts, 100% uptime, free domains, plenty of email accounts and websites. In many brands, some of the best VPS hosting UK providers are InMotion, Bluehost, HostGator, A2 hosting, The Email Shop, Grid hosting, iPage, and many others.

VPS hosting UK- Advantages

Going for shared hosting as a beginner and moving to VPS when needed will cost you more effort and money. So, start with VPS hosting UK initially as providers like The Email shop, having plans from the beginners to professionals. There are many other benefits of VPS hosting UK,

  • Highly secured and safe network. The neighbors in the same server can never have access to your resources. Every person on the VPS has a specific dedicated ID that none can breach. 
  • At any point, if the security system is compromised, VPS hosting a backup facility and 24/7 monitoring will be a helping hand to retain your data in its actual form. So don’t worry about the cybercriminals.
  • High speed and bandwidth with SSD storage is an amazing offer for all businesses at a very less cost. 
  • Flexible and easy-to-use site with your own resources. Change the plan whenever needed without thinking of the others on the server. 
  • VPS hosting the UK can run through Linux or Windows servers. Both have their own advantages, but VPS is supported by both networks. 

The Right VPS Hosting UK option for you

Although it depends on the user’s needs, to choose the plan and provider. However, one should also focus on the right and secure provider that is certified and acknowledged. 

The Email Shop – The best and secure VPS hosting UK Provider

The Email Shop is here with multiple options linked to VPS servers. Along with normal specs, the specialized characteristics of the site will gather your attention,

VPS Solid State Drive

The SSD gives extraordinary unlimited space and a strong memory solution on your VPS server. The system gets 20x faster, backup availability, flexible solution, 100% upgrading time, 24/7 availability on the internet, dedicated CPU, and Ram. 

VPS Public Cloud

Using cloud hosting through The Email Shop VPS is a better way of using cloud resources with security and guarantee that none other can access your data or resources. DDoS protection, full control over the website, latest hardware, and software, technical but the easy-to-use operating system, and many other hassle-free features of The Email Shop VPS public cloud will amaze you. 

Minecraft Server

The Email Shop provides a separate gaming server that is specifically designed to support the gaming solutions. With this, The Email Shop stands out in the market. They provide an awesome gaming experience with exclusive MOD packs, JAR support, Free MySQL, FTP access, no downtime, and DDoS protection. 


If there is a distortion or slow speed issue on the VPS hosted website, what should be done?

SSD VPS UK is the best option for such a case to increase the speed and storage space. With increased bandwidth, you will not face any kind of disturbance or slow speed issues. If the problem remains, contact the customer support center of the provider. 

Do the hosts provide managed VPS servers?

It depends on the host. Some of them manage the hardware and necessary up-gradation and installation while other things are managed by the user. However, constant support is provided at any point.  

Is secure VPS and VPN the same?

They are entirely different things. VPS is a hosting type that functions for your website and controls it, while a virtual private network is basically the connection between the internet and your computer. 


Let your business grow with VPS hosting the UK at the greatest speed. Relax and see the automated virtual hosting ways to bring your business to the top level. VPS is the best solution with SSD storage, giving gaming facilities and shared servers with separate resources. Enjoy the hoisting without any disturbance or interference from neighbors. VPS will keep you away from cybercrimes and data theft. 

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