What Are Butter Beans?


Spread beans, additionally called lima beans and Siwa beans, are the seeds of the plant Phaseolus lunatus. They are accessible new, frozen or dried, and are sold in both little and ready structures.

Spread beans are enormous, rich beans that are filling and nutritious. These vegetables begin in South America and are utilized in different cooking styles. They are accessible crisp during the developing time of pre-fall or as new frozen or dried beans consistently.

New youthful beans (at times called child limas) have a slight skin encompassing a light green bean that can be eliminated subsequent to cooking or left in salvageable shape, contingent upon the application. Ready, dried margarine beans have a thick, beige skin that becomes delicate when completely ready.

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Instructions To Utilize Margarine Beans

Dried margarine beans are a believed storeroom staple that can be utilized in soups, stews, braises, meals, plunges, spreads, and mixed greens, to give some examples applications. They can likewise be cooked all alone and presented with a straightforward dressing of margarine, salt, and lemon juice.

Dried margarine beans can be steamed and afterward cooked on the burner or braised in the broiler for a couple of hours. They can be splashed for a few hours or expedited to lessen cooking time. Margarine beans are likewise an extraordinary substitute for stewing pot and tension cooker recipes. New or frozen margarine beans can be cooked all the more rapidly, generally in around 30 minutes, and are best ready on the burner.

Margarine beans ought not to be eaten crudely since they contain a compound called linamarin that separates into poisonous cyanide when the bean is bitten or harmed. Wild margarine beans contain high convergences of this compound, however in the U.S. The vegetables developed in the U.S. are controlled in tiny amounts. Bubbling spread beans for five to 10 minutes diminishes cyanide content.

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What Do They Like?

Spread beans have a smooth, velvety surface and a gentle, rich taste. They hold the sauce and ingest the flavors they cook well. New spread beans will have a somewhat grassier, more vegetal flavor than cooked, dried beans.

Where To Purchase Margarine Beans

You’ll find dried margarine beans, frequently marked as lima beans, in the storage space passageway of most supermarkets and general stores. They are as of now accessible in jars in the canned merchandise path. Child or ready lima beans are additionally accessible frozen in the cooler walkway.

New, never frozen, spread beans are rare and are for the most part just accessible in season, ordinarily in the pre-fall to fall in the US early. Look at ranchers’ business sectors and homestead remains during this season. New beans can be sold pre-opened or still in their green, fluffy cases, which ought to be taken out and disposed of prior to cooking.

Margarine Beans Versus Lima Beans

While they are all organically similar beans, margarine beans have various names relying on the locale. In the South and the Unified Realm, they are ordinarily known as spread beans. The US Somewhere else in the U.S., they are known as lima beans (named after Lima, Peru, the bean’s starting place).


Store dried margarine beans in an impermeable, food-safe compartment and store them in a cool, dry spot. Use them in the span of one year of procurement. Past that point, dry beans lose dampness and may take more time to mature.

Frozen spread beans can be saved in their unique bundling in the cooler for as long as nine months or vacuum-fixed in the profound cooler for as long as 14 months. Assuming that you intend to freeze your own new lima beans, whiten them for two to four minutes, contingent upon the size of the bean. Shock, strain, and cool prior to bundling and freezing.

Sustenance And Advantages

One cup of dried beans contains 40 grams of sugar, nine grams of dietary fiber, and 12 grams of protein.

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