What are the Top 3 Advantages of the Employment Exchange Scheme? HREX Explains Them


Do you know why “unemployment” is a growing problem in India? While students are studying in colleges, they focus more on reading to pass the semester exams than learning the hands-on skills to do specific jobs. It is the main reason they find it an uphill battle to get a job justifying their qualification when they graduate. If you are also facing such a situation, you must participate in the Employment Exchange program initiated by the Government of India. If you don’t know what that, all you need to do is sift through this blog that has been initiated by HREX. 

Now, let’s see the definition of “Employment Exchange” by HREX and how it works to provide jobs to unemployed youths: 

What is Employment Exchange Scheme?

Before that, you must know that the Government of India hires hundreds of thousands of applicants every year through several competitive exams. However, it does not select all the positions through these exams. For that reason, a separate publicly funded organization got established to provide jobs and requisite counselling opportunities to myriads of students in the country. We know this organization as “Employment Exchange.”

This organization works at both the state and district levels, and each state in India has its “individual” employment portal. As part of the Employment Market Information Programme, the government of each state gathers data about employers, vacancies, and job seekers to facilitate the employment distribution for everyone. Thus, you can say that the government acts as the most significant contributor to eliminating unemployment in our country. 

The data that the Employment Exchange organization collects contain full details of students such as their:

1. Academic qualification

2. Skillset 

3. Experience and 

4. Individual needs of the employers and candidates

Once they have all the required information, they organize it correctly and store it for future needs. After some time, when the government finds that they need to fill a particular vacancy urgently, they provide the job details to all the eligible candidates based on their qualifications. 

With that over, it’s time to glance at various pros of the Employment Exchange Scheme:

What are the benefits of attending the Employment Exchange Scheme?

The unemployed youths can reap multiple benefits by participating in the Employment Exchange Scheme, such as: 

1. You can find relevant employment according to your skills, experience, and qualification 

2. There are many job opportunities with this department 

3. Each job is available according to the talent and experience of each candidate

What is the main objective of the Employment Exchange Scheme?

As per HREX, the primary objective of the Employment Exchange program is to offer numerous job opportunities to unemployed students in the state and help them live a meaningful life. So, once you get in touch with the Employment Exchange organization, you can become more confident and self-dependent on getting your dream job. 

Do you know what this organization is also “good for?” They organize career counselling and skill development programs that come in handy for unemployed candidates to find the most suitable job. For more convenience, you can also check the latest openings being offered by different employers online. 

What must you know about Employment Exchange Registration?

If you are looking for jobs in different fields, you must apply in the Employment Exchange Scheme. Once you have done that, the Employment Exchange department will strive hard to offer you a relevant job based on your talent, skills, and experience. 

1. To register yourself with the Employment Exchange organization, you can go to their official website and fill the form. However, if you want to take another route, you can also register with them by visiting their office near your location. Keep in mind that EEO doesn’t just provide jobs in the private sector but also in government. 

2. The government will soon organize a trade fair with the Employment Exchange Scheme to help you seek the jobs as per your capability and skillset. 

3. The jobs that EEO has, get offered to candidates based on their experience and education qualification. 

What are the basic things you must know about Employment Exchange Program?

1. Organization name – Employment Exchange 

2. Receptors – Unemployed Indian youth 

3. Brought to you by – Government of India 

4. End goal – Get rid of unemployment from India 

5. Portal – National Career Service Portal 

6. Website – Ncs.gov.in

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Final note

We hope you learned several crucial things about the Employment Exchange in this article. So, if you liked this content piece and want to keep reading the essential information about Government Schemes and Yojanas, please keep visiting the reader-centric blog site on the internet. 

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