What do employment lawyers do?


Employment law

As the name indicates, employment law deals with rules and regulations that protect the rights of workers and provide guidelines regarding the workplace. It addresses matters regarding workplace harassment, any discrimination, remuneration, social security, employment, and wages, etc. Employment law is also known as labor law. Employment laws are different for every country, but their purpose is to ensure the benefit and interest of both the country and the employee. Employment laws are made to develop a power balance between both ends of the job, employer and employee.

Libyan employment law

Libyan employment law empowers the family rights of workers and prohibits any discrimination at the workplace regarding wages or treatment based on gender or race. It ensures that companies operating in Libya hire a percentage of workers that are Libyans by nationality. Sometimes that percentage can go up to a minimum of 75%. A two-week leave to a worker for getting married and a four-month ten days leave to a widow is also ensured as a worker’s right under employment law in Libya. Libyan employment law provides special protection to female workers and not only ensures they are given maternity leave but also prohibits their unjust firing from work.

Moreover, all workers are required to get registered with the ministry of labor. Foreign workers employed in Libya are also needed to get themselves registered under the ministry of labor. 450 LYD is the minimum wage set under this law.

What are employment lawyers?

Employment lawyers are lawyers that specialize in employment law. They have expertise and knowledge about contracts and other legal matters between employer and worker. A two-week leave to a worker for getting married and a four-month ten days leave to a widow is also ensured as a worker’s right under employment law in Libya. They can work for both parties and ensure that balance between is maintained.

What do employment lawyers do?

Employment lawyers can work for both employees and employers. Worker, they can ensure their rights are protected. They can help worker sue their employee if their rights are not met or if their work environment ensure no safety or they have to face any discrimination. They also deal with cases related to misconduct, harassment, or breaches in contact. On the other hand, employers can also hire employment lawyers to ensure they don’t get sued. Employment lawyers advise about employment law to business owners. They inform them about the complexities and conditions mentioned in employment law so that they can abide by them and ensure they have safe discrimination and a harassment-free workplace where worker are given their fundamental right. Hence employment lawyers can prove very beneficial to both parties and can also help them mend their affairs.


Employment lawyers are a vital part of the community. Libyan law firms have employment lawyers that can be hired by both workers and employers to ensure justice. It is essential to know about the experience and skills of employment lawyers before hiring them to ensure that their knowledge matches your needs.

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