What Industries Need Auto Mechanics?


In today’s automotive industry, the role of an auto mechanic requires both hands and minds to work. There are over 100 automotive-related jobs, and it is estimated that by the year 2022, there will be a shortage of over 150,000 computer-trained mechanics to meet the demand. 

Automotive Repair Shops

Are you a mechanic looking for a new career? In the automotive industry, the need for auto mechanics is growing. Increasingly, cars come with embedded telematics and must be repaired by professionals who know what they’re doing. In addition, with access to OEM information, automotive repair shops can give their technicians an edge when performing critical repairs. As a result, many companies are beginning to hire telematics specialists and have opened dealerships to train new mechanics. Many employers look for ASE certification in their potential auto mechanics. Obtaining this certification can increase your job prospects and help you earn higher wages. In addition, some states require mechanics to hold a valid license, and many mechanics pursue national certifications to ensure they have the qualifications to provide quality service to consumers.

Transmission Repair Shops

If you desire to work in the auto industry, consider working in the transmission repair shop industry. You can find several jobs in this industry online. You can even research the industry by checking out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. You should look for a shop that has good reviews from past customers. Also, be sure to look for an all-inclusive quote with towing included.

Transmission repair shops need auto mechanics who have the proper training and qualifications. Therefore, these shops often display ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) certification in their office. Be sure to ask them if they are ASE certified. A mechanic with the ASE certification usually has a blue seal in their office. This certification means that they have specialized training in transmission repairs. As a result, they can give you a nationwide warranty.

Auto Body Repair Shops

Auto mechanics are in great demand, so auto body repair shops offer an attractive career path. Auto mechanics have numerous benefits, including competitive pay and health insurance. Some major auto dealerships and private shops provide tuition assistance and disability coverage. This career field is also highly diverse, with a wide range of cars requiring different types of repair.

Auto body repair shops focus on the body of the vehicle, which is both the exterior and the structural integrity. This involves removing dents, repairing or replacing windows, and ensuring that the frame is straight. The work is also important in ensuring vehicles are safe on the road.

The demand for auto mechanics is related to the number of cars on the road and the number of miles driven. The complexity of vehicles is increasing, and so is the demand for auto mechanics. 

Gas Stations

Traditionally, gas stations have been in a shed-like structure that housed a single room. In addition to the gas pump, gas stations typically included a counter and sales area. Some had restrooms and other facilities. Some even included a storeroom and boiler room. These structures also had service bays that served one to four cars and included built-in shelving and tire racks. Today, gas stations are often larger than they were in the past.

Most gas stations have auto mechanic shops attached to them. These shops have two lift bays and often look less clean than independent shops. But that’s just an appearance. These businesses are just as important as any other type of shop, and they can provide great customer service if they do it right. So if you’re looking for auto repair jobs, a gas station is one of the best places to start.

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