What is a freight forwarder and what are the advantages of working with a freight forwarder?


Freight forwarders perform the function of an intermediary, linking a firm that sends products to a particular location with the ultimate recipient. Although they do not physically transport the items, freight forwarders provide several transportation options, including sea/ocean freight, rail freight, road transportation, and air cargo shipping.

Freight forwarders obtain the best possible price by utilizing their established contacts with carriers and partners from air transport specialists and trucking firms to transoceanic lines to negotiate. This may be done via charter, valuing different bids and picking the better route that optimizes speed, costs, and reliability, taking into account all of the variables necessary for each situation’s study.

Freight forwarders are typically involved in triangular operations since their role is to handle a large number of shipments, even from one international location to another. At the very least three firms are part of triangular operations (manufacturer, intermediary, and ultimate consumer), each situated in a different country. Even though there is only one delivery of products and a single transport, this procedure is difficult from the documentation standpoint as well as being tributary with VAT settlement.

Authorized Economic Operators are freight forwarders that have been authorized by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Industry and Security to take advantage of reduced customs clearance, particularly delayed payment of import duties and fees, which may otherwise need to be paid before products are delivered.

What is an AEO

Added services that aren’t included in your package

  • Freight costs, special paperwork fees, customs clearance expenses, and customs duty are all factors to consider when minimizing transportation expenditures.
  • Cargo insurance: excellent terms at low rates
  • Washing Instructions
  • KPIs for energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, and waste production
  • Solutions that are specific to each project
  • Supply chain optimization recommendations on the ideal mode of transportation and route for a shipment depending on the supplier’s location, product type, destination, seasonality, risk, and urgency. (Air, sea, railway, or road)
  • We can assist with customs declarations, from the correct duty category for your items to the required papers for clearance.

How can they help?

The responsibilities of a freight forwarder are outlined above but having the connections and expertise to navigate the import/export system is where they’re really valuable.

It’s not unusual for a freight forwarder to carry out many of the actions. They’ll frequently outsource elements like local transportation to a partner based in your supplier location, for example. But what makes a freight forwarder valuable – and sometimes necessary – is that they have the connections across the world to get the job done. There are also full-service online platforms accessible to small businesses such as SSO Logistics that allow them to obtain quotes, make reservations, pay bills, and track shipments all from one place.

Freight forwarding services are not free, but they do save time and money by avoiding issues that might occur when you import yourself. You’ll pay in extra costs if you use a professional freight forwarder – but it should ensure that the importing process goes as smoothly as possible while reducing the risk of any unanticipated expenditures or unpleasant surprises.

For many new merchants starting in international trade, using a freight forwarder might be a smart financial investment.

What are the advantages of using a freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder can help you save time and money on importing to the United Kingdom. If you’re new to importing to the UK or just want things to go as smoothly as possible, a freight forwarder may be worth considering. Here are some benefits to think about:

  • Rather than having to deal with numerous haulage and freight firms, you’ll only have to talk to one person while shipping.
  • Freight forwarders are typically professionals when it comes to import/export paperwork, and they can assist you with the intricate procedures.
  • Freight forwarders can discover service providers all around the world to do your shipment with their local connections.
  • Freight forwarders may negotiate shipping, transportation, and storage expenses for you.
  • Using a freight forwarder gives you peace of mind – they should be able to assist if something goes wrong or you need to make an insurance claim.

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