What Is Lucuma Powder?


Lucuma powder is a dried, powdered version of the Lucuma fruit. Grown in the Andean vicinity of South America, the fresh fruit is a nutritional powerhouse and is generally used inside the ingredients of Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. The light brown powder has ended up being the favored opportunity sweetener around the arena. Known as a “superfood,” a plant-based totally sweetener flavored like maple may be brought to liquids, smoothies, cakes, and a few soups.

Lucuma fruit (also called lucmo or eggfruit) grows on the lucumo tree, that’s local to South America. Known as the “gold of the Incas”, the fruit is cultivated in Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. It has a tender yellow pulp, a dry texture, and a tough green outer shell, which looks someplace between that of an avocado and a mango.

While lucuma fruit is broadly available in South America, it can additionally be observed in sparkling, frozen, or pulp form at Latin food markets. Elsewhere, lucuma powder (or flour) is generally offered in health food stores but can be high-priced. The powder is made by dehydrating the fruit, then grinding it right into an excellent powder, a manner designed to hold the excessive dietary price of the fruit. It can be used properly out of the bundle and stirred into food and drinks.

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How To Apply Lucuma Powder

Lucuma powder is a low-sugar sweetener and can be used as a sugar substitute. It pairs properly with caramel, chocolate, and most types of fruit. It may be used in chocolates and other baked goods, and in Chile, lucuma is the maximum popular flavor of ice cream.

Many human beings use lucuma powder as a sweetener in drinks, and it’s by far a commonplace sweetener in business nut milk. It is also used to sweeten smoothies – upload two tablespoons to green or fruit smoothie recipes. It also works nicely in hot drinks like espresso, tea, and hot chocolate. Use it to top yogurt or cereal, or add to a single-day oatmeal or chia pudding.

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When the usage of lucuma powder rather for clean fruit, use about 1/4 cup of powder to update 1 cup of lucuma pulp or puree.

Using lucuma powder as a sugar substitute in baked items may be problematic. The texture is corresponding to white granulated sugar, despite the fact that the flavor is brown sugar (use a 2:1 ratio in the location of brown sugar). If feasible, discover a recipe that already makes use of it. To preserve the preferred consistency of the recipe, replace a few tablespoons of the flour with lucuma powder, then cut the sugar by means of an equal amount.

Lucuma powder no longer preserves water like sugar. For some recipes, upload greater liquid elements (1 tablespoon at a time) if the batter seems dry until it reaches the desired consistency.

What Does It Taste Like?

Naturally creamy and candy, Lucuma has an extra diffused sweetness than sugar. The flavor is frequently in comparison to maple, butterscotch, or brown sugar, and a few manufacturers have a nutty flavor.

Lucuma Powder Recipe

Most lucuma powder recipes are smoothies, puddings, and desserts. If you cannot locate a selected recipe that requires it, use it rather for honey, sugar, and different sweeteners.

Where to shop for lucuma powder

Latin meal markets may inventory sparkling or frozen lucuma or lucuma powder. The powder is easy to be had online, and plenty of herbal and fitness food shops carry it. Typically bought in half-pound or 1-pound bags, it isn’t cheap, however, is on par with different health meals and dietary supplements. It is likewise commonplace to find organic Lucuma powder.


Lucuma powder no longer requires refrigeration. After opening, shop unused products in a zip-top storage bag or hermetic box sealed in a cool, dry, dark location. Many manufacturers consist of an expiration date on the package. Most Lucuma powder has a shelf life of up to 3 years whilst stored at or under room temperature.

Lucuma Powder Vs Stevia

The stevia herb is one of the fine-recognized alternative sweeteners, available in liquid and powdered paperwork. Unlike Lucuma powder, stevia has no glycemic effect and is freed from energy and carbohydrates. Stevia may flavor off-setting to some human beings, as it’s far sweet, at the same time leaving a few stevia bitter or metallic. Lucuma powder generally doesn’t have that bitterness. Although it isn’t always as sweet, its maple-like taste may be extra appealing to some.

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