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    The car’s power steering system is the most important component of the car’s steering control. It is very responsive to the driver while driving. Steering control gives you a sense of security while driving.

    A car’s power steering system is the process of steering the vehicle in the required direction, usually the front wheels. Correct steering is necessary in order to control the vehicle safely and effectively over the entire speed range. A steering system contains a tie rod, steering knuckle, steering wheel, steering gear, and drag link. 

    This system uses all the components to provide power to drive a large vehicle with little effort.

    You can also ride by turning the rear wheels. It is generally a slow-speed automobile that is used to lift heavy parts like forklift trucks and move them over short distances.

    Components of Power Steering System

    1) Steering wheel

    This component includes traffic indicator switches, light switches, windshield wiper switches, and more. This part is also known as called the drive wheel or steering wheel; it is a type of vehicle steering control.

    These steering wheels use in latest land automobiles, including all production vehicles, buses, light and heavy trucks, and tractors.

    2. Steering column or shaft

    The steering column, also known as the axle, is mounted on a hollow steering column. Therefore, the movement is transmitted to the steering gear.

    The steering column is on top of the steering system and is directly connected to the steering wheel. Then connect the steering column to the intermediate shaft and the universal joint.

    3) Steering gear

    One end of the handlebar is connected to the rocker arm of the power steering gear via a slot and the other end to the handlebar via a ball joint.

    The steering gear contains gears that transmit the driver’s steering input to the steering linkage to turn the wheels, double the driver’s changes in direction, and allow the front wheels to move more than the steering wheels.

    4) Drop arm or pitman arm

    By turning the steering wheel to the right or left, the connecting rod transfers the movement received from the steering gear to the tie rod. If the vehicle has suspension, use the “downlink” to correct the steering.

    5) Ball Joints

    A ball joint is a spherical bearing that connects the wishbone to the steering knuckle. The bearing bolts are conical and threaded and are mounted in the conical holes in the steering knuckle. The protective cover keeps dust away from the seal assembly.

    6) Drag link

    Drag the link to convert the pivoting arc of the steering arm to linear motion in the plane of the other steering link. “The tie rod connects the link arm to the tie rod or, in some applications, to the tie rod assembly.

    7) Steering arm

    The steering arm is an arm which, in particular in motor vehicles, transmits the rotational force of the steering device to the rocker arm.

    The basic function of the steering system is to enable the driver to steer the vehicle safely and precisely. In addition, the steering system also provides a way to reduce the driver’s effort by making it easier to steer the vehicle.

    8) Stub axle

    By turning the steering wheel, the movement is transferred to the articulated arm via the gearbox. The movement is transferred to the tow link. Drag the link to translate that motion to the short axis that rotates around the pivot point. This will turn the right wheel.

    10) Left spindle and king arm

    In the suspension of a car, the steering knuckle is a component that includes the wheel hub or main axle and is connected to the suspension and steering components. Also known as steering knuckles, main shafts, pillars, and hubs.

    The wheel and tire assembly are connected to the main axle / hub of the steering knuckle and the suspension / steering knuckle assembly rotates the tire / wheel while maintaining a stable tread.

    The left and right tie rods are connected by a central link, which is also attached to the link arm and on the side of the front passenger seat to the bell crank.

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