What Is Radicchio?


Radicchio, the bitter vegetable regularly wrong for colorful lettuce or red cabbage, is simply a sort of chicory. In truth, it’s miles regularly known as Italian chicory because of its outstanding role in Italian cooking. Radicchio is a perennial plant that is grown commercially in Italy and elements of the Americas, with the number one manufacturer placed in California. The vegetable often appears in Italian cuisine, together with salads, soups, risotto, pasta, and pizza.

Radicchio (reported rah-dee-kee-oh) is a kind of chicory with white veins and deep reddish-pink leaves that shape a spherical or elongated head. A chicory is an herbaceous group of vegetation that consists of the Belgian endive. The roots of a few chicory flowers are also dried and floor to make a popular espresso substitute through the same name. It is just as smooth to make, however, it has an exclusive sour flavor that sweetens with cooking. It additionally comes with an excessive price tag.

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How To Prepare Dinner With Radicchio?

Before using, reduce any browning of the stem and eliminate the limp outer leaves. Cut uncooked radicchio into skinny strips and upload them to salads for extra crunch and spicy bitterness. When cooked, the bitter bite of radicchio turns lighter and turns into slightly sweeter. It takes nicely to excessive-warmness cooking techniques which include roasting and roasting, however, it can additionally be gradually cooked and combined with other veggies or meats.

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What Does Radicchio Taste Like?

Radicchio has a sour, spicy taste, specifically whilst eaten raw. It is often mixed with sweet or acidic components to create a salad with a balanced taste. When cooked, radicchio softens and acquires some sweetness whilst preserving a mild bitterness.

Radicchio Recipe

Thinly sliced, radicchio is often introduced to lettuce mixes for salads. The deep purple vegetable is also a great addition to crunchy slaws. Roasted or grilled wedges are a scrumptious aspect dish on their own or can be brought to different dishes such as pasta, risotto, or pizza. Sliced ​​radicchio can be fried or braised like cabbage, and served as a side or stuffed into a hen.

Where To Buy Radicchio

Thanks to the popularity of Italian cooking, radicchio is broad to be had yr-round. Look for character heads of radicchio bought consistent with pound inside the refrigerated products segment of your grocery store. The bitter vegetable grown in heat climates is at its nice in the wintry weather months, generally coming domestically in November. Look for radicchio this is firm with crisp, colorful leaves and no brown or bad spots.

To develop radicchio at home, sow seeds a few weeks earlier than the closing frost or in early spring for a fall harvest. You can pick character leaves at any time or wait and cut off the heads when they’re company.

A Way To Store Radicchio

Radicchio can last up to weeks for your fridge’s crisper drawer, but for the pleasant texture, use it inside every week of purchase. Wash just earlier than use and put off the outermost leaves before cutting. Raw, chopped radicchio will keep in an airtight field within the fridge for up to 2 days. Ripe radishes also can be kept inside the refrigerator for approximately days but eaten right now after cooking.

Radicchio Vs Red Cabbage

Often unsuitable for each different inside the grocery shop, Chioggia radicchio and purple cabbage are clearly one-of-a-kind flowers. Radicchio has a stronger bitter taste with thinner and much less waxy leaves than cabbage. Red cabbage has a mild flavor and thick, crunchy leaves with an extra uniform red coloration. You can sometimes switch them for every other in uncooked and cooked dishes, but the flavor may be markedly exclusive. You can tell the 2 crimson greens apart by using the shade of the radicchio’s specific white-veined leaves and deep, red background.

Radicchio Sorts

Now popular in a long list of countries, the culinary home of radicchio is Italy, and most types are named after the vicinity wherein they may be grown. Two major styles of radicchio may be found in supermarkets. The most commonplace range is Chioggia, which resembles a spherical head of red cabbage. To tell the 2 aside, search for bright white veins at the radicchio’s head. Treviso is tall in form, just like a head of romaine lettuce but with the trademark radicchio shade. Treviso is mild in taste, but they can be used interchangeably in recipes. Other sorts, such as the white-colored Castelfranco, are grown in Italy and through smaller growers, however, aren’t generally observed in supermarkets.


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