What Is Topping, Exactly?


The procedure for topping is straightforward. You need just remove the uppermost portion of your plant. Does it not sound insane? When you put some thought into it, it makes perfect sense. When focused on a single flower in the center, certain plants have a greater propensity to grow to a greater height.

Because all of the energy is being directed toward the top of the bloom, any smaller flowers that form underneath the main bloom won’t be as robust or colorful. Some flowering plants can produce a topping.

What Does Cannabis Topping Mean?

Although topping your plants sounds like chopping the top off your plant, it’s quite involved. If the cannabis plant is allowed to grow naturally, it will become vertical and concentrate its energy only on one main stem.

The result will be a dominant, long-lasting cola with smaller stalks. These smaller stalks will generate small and larfy buds, which will not be as good and will reduce the overall yield and size of the plant. A topping makes a cannabis flower bushier. Simply by cutting off its main stalk, it will direct its energies to the side branches that will grow out. The main stem of a cannabis plant will always grow by itself.

However, if you allow it to grow naturally, it will often grow one main stalk. If it is young, however, you can encourage it to grow many colas. You can trim a small portion of the plant’s top during the vegetative part of your plant’s life cycle to focus more growth hormones on the lower half, resulting in a lusher canopy. After being cut, your plants will need more energy for their central flower to regrow. Some of that energy is also distributed throughout the rest.

How To Perform Topping On Cannabis Plant?

The best rule of thumb when topping cannabis for the first time is to cut the plants at or above the 5th, 6th, and 7th nodes. You’ll have enough branches on your bottom to allow your plants the opportunity to bush out properly. If you cut down a portion of the higher growth, such as the 6th or 7th, then you’re going to be cutting off significant amounts of the plant.

Cut all branches that are higher than the second or third node to continue topping the same plants. The plant will be able to grow appropriately as a result. These garnishes are more arbitrary. The size and shape of the plant you end up with will impact how much it grows. However, before you do anything, you must understand when to top weed plant and when this activity should be done.

If you top the plants, then you completely remove the upper growth. There will be no new growth from the area where the growth tips were cut. This allows the lower lateral to assume dominance. Because there are two growth points at each node you can effectively double your dominant growth tips each time you top a plant.

Why Do You Need To Top Your Cannabis?

Topping has obvious benefits. You can compare the yields of a cannabis plant that has been topped with one that has been left to grow naturally. The topped cannabis will have higher yields, more collas, and more flowering points than the one left alone.

Topping cannabis will help concentrate more energy where it is most needed. Also, the topping of cannabis allows more light and heat to penetrate areas that have been blocked from their original tops.

Topping cannabis, a form of Low-Stress Training LST is a way to give your plant more control without putting your health at risk. Topping is a useful training tool to help you produce higher yields, provided that it’s not done wrong. Who doesn’t want it?


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