What is Trigger Kit and Its Usage?


If installing a new trigger kit to your rifle, you should know what it is and how to use it. It will allow you to be more prepared and less likely to cause problems with your weapon.

Installing a trigger kit

If you are installing a Glock trigger kit, you will need the proper equipment. You’ll need a hammer, detent spring, grip screw, disconnector spring, and trigger.

First, you will need to open the receiver. Make sure the firearm is unloaded before starting. You’ll also need a small wood shim to dampen the blows of the hammer.

Once the components are in place, you must install the CAS bracket. It will help ensure a solid connection between the sear and striker.

The hammer should be cocked to confirm that the sear on the trigger is holding the hammer down. You should hear a slight “pop” when you release the hammer.

Depending on the type of trigger kit you are using, there are two different installation methods. One involves removing the disconnector spring, and the other involves visual alignment. An armorer should do both ways.

Safety checks

Safety checks when using a trigger kit are not limited to the sterile white box with the gun kit. While at it, you’ll want to check out the other parts of the puzzle, like the grip, the slingshot, and the holster. You can also do your best to make sure the pistol is unloaded. Nothing is worse than having a loaded firearm lying around, waiting to be fired. If you are serious about your safety, don’t hesitate to call your local gun shop and make an appointment for an inspection.

One of the best ways to see if your trigger kit is up to par is to go to the range and have the guys test the various components. They’ll want to ensure the holster is fitted correctly and that the trigger bar rests on a cruciform in the trigger housing. For a genuinely top-notch trigger kit, it’s a good idea to have a second set of eyes on the job and to be on the lookout for loose screws.

Stainless steel overtravel stop

The RockYourGlock Over Travel Stop is a trigger kit designed to reduce the overtravel of your Glock pistol. It features a new style of trigger housing and trigger stop. Combined, these upgrades will improve the overall performance of your firearm. The RYG Over Travel Stop offers increased accuracy compared to a traditional trigger.

Installation of the Overtravel Kit is relatively simple. To start, you must first remove the frame pins from your gun. In addition, you must remove the lower parts of the fire control group. A hex wrench and a trigger housing are included in the kit. Once this is done, you can install the trigger.

Before installing the trigger, you must check the safety clearance. It is vital because the striker may interfere with the overtravel stop. When you inspect the safety, you can pull the trigger to the rear to verify that the striker’s security does not obstruct the striker.

Drop-in trigger system

Drop-in triggers are an affordable and convenient upgrade to your firearm. It provides a higher level of consistency and reliability and comes pre-assembled. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Unlike other types of triggers, drop-in models come with all parts installed. It makes them much simpler to install. In addition, they do not require gunsmithing skills. The only tool required is a screwdriver.


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