What Should First Time Parents Do After Having Their First Born?


Now that you’ve gone through a roller coaster of emotions, it’s time to go home, let yourself loose and think of what to do next. After all, most first time parents have to take care of tons of things, as soon as they bring their bundle of joy home. However, what most parents tend to realize is, there’s much more to a baby than just changing their diaper and feeding them every few hours. In this feature, we have recommended what first-time parents need to do:

⮚     Getting Help Post Birth

Long story cut short, every new parent is in dire need of help, as soon as the baby pops out. After all, one has to get in touch with experts and get to know the best ways to feed the baby. No wonder, having a firstborn is very challenging, since it is a different experience than taking care of somebody else’s child.

Although the nurses are a great source to hold, burp and take care of your child, you will eventually have to go home after getting discharged from the hospital. This is why you might have close relatives such as the grandparents of the baby to hop in and claim the responsibility.

⮚     Bonding

This is one of the most gratifying moments for any first time new parents. It happens during the sensitive hours after birth and continues for life. However, there are a few high points when new parents can make a strong connection with the baby. Physical closeness has a profound impact on emotional connection.

For infants, this is crucial, since it has a strong impact on their emotional growth. For this to happen, you don’t have to buy a pram or an electrical swing to keep the baby occupied with luxury facilities. All you have to do is, hold the baby in your arms and feel a strong connection with the new soul.

⮚     Getting the Legal Work Done

Just when it’s time to get discharged from the hospital, it is crucial to get the birth certificate of the child from the management. After all, the hospital authorities are supposed to issue all the essential documents before the parents leave. Furthermore, when the baby is brought home, it is recommended for first-time parents to get their will prepared on time.

Although it sounds weird this is for the financial protection of the new bundle of joy in the house. One can visit yourwills.com.au to learn about writing down their will themselves without any intrusion of a third party.

⮚     Nappies

Most parents are clear about using nappies before bringing the newborn to their home. However, most experts also recommend that first-time parents use good-quality baby cloth nappies. After all, the newborn’s skin is much more sensitive than anyone can imagine. However, if the parents decide to nappy the baby, they’ll have to ensure that they have an abundance of supplies of other stuff.

Parents require fasteners, clean nappies, ointment, and wipes. If any of these aren’t present around, it will be hard for the baby to stay cleaner for longer.

⮚     Bathing Basics

A baby should only be given a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off. Secondly, for baby boys, this time is more because circumcision heals in 1 or 2 weeks. Therefore, a bath per week is fine for the baby. Frequent bathing might be harmful since it dries the skin. During the bathing process, parents must have their hands on towels, blankets, clean diapers, soft cloth, soft brush and unscented soap.

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