What Type of Screen Door Should You Choose for Your Remodel?


Selecting a screen door can create the entrance of your dreams and can provide both light and fresh air into the home without allowing bugs or other animals inside. While a storm door can be used and will offer a more sturdy frame to protect the inner door from storm damages, it is different from a screen door that is made with larger areas of the screen to allow fresh air in and can come in a variety of forms. The three main types of screen doors include the traditional screen door, a retractable screen door, and a sliding screen door.

Traditional Screen Door

Traditional screen doors have aluminum, wood, or steel frames. They often include a glass sliding window that can be closed when cold and open to allow air to flow through during warm weather. It is installed within the door frame on the outer side of the front or back door of the house by a steel doors specialist in Melbourne, or the surrounding areas. It opens away from home and allows the inner door to be left open without allowing bugs to come into the house. There are plain screen doors that can be purchased for as low as $50, but more detailed styles can have frosted glass or detailed designs on the frame for over $100, with a range of styles that average in between.

Retractable Screen Door

A retractable screen door is installed either on the right or left side of the doorframe and opens by retracting into the storage mechanism. To close the screen door, pull it out of the roll, latch it to the other side of the door frame, and open the door, unlatch it and allow it to retract back. There is no further framing than the roll on one side and the latch on the other, leaving the entire doorway to be just screening when it is closed, and the inner door can be left open. The pricing is similar to that of a traditional screen door, and a retractable door can be purchased for $30-$100 depending upon the size and quality of the door. 

Sliding Screen Door

Sliding screen doors are installed on the patio and sliding doors. It comes with a light and thin frame that fits in the track of the sliding glass door. To close the screen across the open space left when the patio door has been opened, simply slide it within the track, and move it back to open the screen. If the screen has become damaged, it can be replaced easily for under $15 by purchasing a screen-roll from any hardware or home improvement store and installed at home. The average cost of a new sliding door with the framing is around $40, though if the door is oversized or you are selecting one with a more robust frame, it may be more, some ranging upwards of $100.

Choosing the Door for You

The type of screen door that you need will depend upon the style of door that you are replacing or installing. For the front or back door of a home, a traditional screen door or a retractable door is installed on the same door frame as your main door. A sliding screen door or a retractable screen will be needed for a patio door.

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