What You Should Know Before Using Straightener Instead Of Straightening Treatment


You’re in your hurry, getting ready for work. You take a look at yourself in the mirror and you’re not happy with how frizzy your hair is looking today. You can’t stand when your hair looks like this and it’s always such a hassle to make sure that every strand of hair is straightened before you leave the house! But what if I told you there was an easier way?

What if I told you about Straightener?

It’s no secret, with the rise of Instagram and Snap Chat, that people are doing more to maintain their beauty. Whether it be going to the salon for a haircut or dying their locks a new hue of colour, people go through extensive lengths to make them feel better about how they look.

The Bio Ionic Straightener is the fashionable way to get salon-quality hair at home. It features tourmaline ionic technology that eliminates frizz and leaves your hair silky smooth. This flat iron heats up in just one minute, so you can style your hair quickly without damaging it! With this awesome straightener, you’ll be able to create all of the styles that are trending right now- whether it’s a sleek updo or sexy waves. Get ready for compliments when you use this high-quality product on your beautiful locks!

Enduring Of Hair Fixing

The cardinal guideline of keratin medicines is to avoid water and braids for no less than three days. You would rather not hazard making a twist in your recently fixed hair. Fitzsimons says the way to keep up with your treatment to the extent that this would be possible is utilizing a sans sulfate cleanser when you wash your hair.


Before you take an iron or a blow-dryer close to your strands, you need to furnish it with some security. What you really want to apply to your mane is a hotness protectant shower or serum. It goes about as an obstruction against harm and keeps your hair tone unblemished. Not exclusively will your hair get sheen, however, you will likewise guarantee that it stays sound.


Treat Damaged Hair Regularly

Taking into account that your hair is regularly being styled utilizing hair items or apparatuses, it’s normal that there will be some harm. You want to enjoy Bio Ionic Straightener day by day. When a month decides on a hair spa at your neighborhood salon and consistently, utilizes a hair veil to assist with fixing your hair. It will make it milder and better.

Seal Your Style With Hairspray

Utilizing a lot of leave-in items will burden your hair—it’s a reality. Be that as it may, you should in any case set your smooth locks with a spritz of hairspray which leaves Satin Strong Hold. This will guarantee that your recently fixed strands stay set up without the oily or burdened completion.

It Begins In The Shower

Be aware of the cleanser and conditioner you use, and make certain to utilize a recipe that guides in keeping your hair straight. Similar to your cosmetics, a decent hairdo is about a decent establishment.

Keratin medicines don’t fix your hair this is a typical confusion, yet keratin medicines are not fixing medicines. They smooth out the surface of the hair and wipe out the immense measures of frizz, yet your hair will not be straight after this treatment.

You Utilize Your Flatiron On Moist Hair.

This is an immovable guideline. Assuming you’re hoping to fix your hair, you should unpleasant dry it with a blow-dryer 100% first. No dampness was left behind. “That sizzling sound? That is the water bubbling and your hair fricasseeing,” says Lopez. “Would you at any point iron a wet shirt? Consider hair a texture.”

You’ve Never Cleaned Your Flatiron.

Consumed item and residue tends to gather at the edges of a flatiron. Furthermore, to secure your hair, clean your device intermittently. You can utilize liquor on a cool flatiron to clear off the buildup. Or then again while the iron is still warm (yet turned off), wipe the plates with a clammy towel.



Hair Fall

Applying heat consistently harms your hair as well as the hair follicles (1). The synthetic substances utilized in long-lasting hair fixing likewise release untold harm on your underlying foundations. Furthermore, what happens when you have feeble roots? Your hair begins dropping out, obviously!

Electronic Product’s In Promotion

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Final Thoughts

There are several drawn-out changes that you should make to work on the general nature of your hair.

Most importantly, stand by a couple of days before washing and restyling. Assuming you find these ways to shield your hair from heat, and if you put some work into it, your straight hair should last two or three days. The less you wash your hair, the better it is for your hair and scalp at any rate.

You ought to likewise put the time in a profound molding schedule. Oil can be utilized to fix the harm, lock in dampness, and emit a lovely, solid sparkle. Assuming you have wavy or unusual hair, you might need to utilize a profound conditioner all the more frequently, as one time each week, for a long time before you fix it. Otherwise, in a hurry situation you can for sure consider Bio Ionic Straightener.

Making these extra strides may not be something you are utilized to, and you might figure it will require some investment. However, ponder the condition of your present hair.

Your hair is important for your picture, and you need to look and feel certain. Your hair is one of the main things individuals will take a gander at when you stroll into a room. Continuously recollect that like straight hair, sound hair never becomes dated.

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