What’s the best brand of adult diapers?


Does the constant fear of staining your clothes in public due to incontinence worry you? Do not despair; you are not alone! You may be surprised to know that millions of people suffer from incontinence. It affects people of all ages and both genders. 

Yes! Both adult men and women are vulnerable to incontinence problems due to diabetes, ageing, and obesity. Women have seemed to be at higher risk of incontinence due to pregnancy, childbirth, and other health conditions. 

Regardless of the reason for your incontinence, wearing brands like Friends diaper pants can significantly help you overcome your reluctance to appear in social groups and workplaces due to the stigma attached to incontinence. 

You will find the whole gamut of incontinence products available in the market. But to ensure you choose the best brand for adult diapers, you must know all about the different types, sizing, and their capabilities. Continue reading to find out more!

Different types of adult diapers


Pull-ups are almost like traditional underwear, made of a thin, cloth-like material that fits discreetly under pants or dresses without anybody knowing what you are dealing with. These are favorable only for people who have mild incontinence and are still independent.

Reusable diapers

Reusable diapers are the ones that can be washed and then reused again. If you have light or very mild urinary leakage, you can go for reusable diapers. They come with various absorbances.

Adult briefs

Adult briefs are incredibly absorbent and contain a thick core that wicks away moisture and odors. These are made to fit around the abdomen, crotch, and rear snugly to offer you a comfortable fit. Adult briefs are the most convenient option for people who experience heavy leakage or are disabled/bedridden or need help when changing. 

Things to look for when buying adult diapers


When buying an adult diaper, size is a critical factor that determines your best buy. Getting a diaper that is too large or too small may lead to leaks, overflow accidents, skin irritation, and infection. 

Therefore, you must get diapers that offer a comfortable fit all day long. The sizing guidelines of every diaper brand are different, so don’t forget to check the product’s packaging while making your selection.

Backing material

Adult diapers come with two types of backing material: cloth-backed and plastic-backed. Cloth-backed diapers have fabric-like material that allows plenty of airflows and makes them breathable. 

This type of diaper has a lower risk of odors and is more comfortable. Plastic-backed diapers are less breathable but more absorbent than cloth-backed diapers. Plus, they often cause rashes or infections on sensitive skin.


When considering absorbency, you need to consider the following questions:

  • At what time of the day will the diapers be worn by the patient? (People tend to urinate more at night than daytime, so for nighttime, you would need a more absorbent diaper)
  • Is the patient suffering from urinary incontinence, fecal, or both? (Make sure the product you choose offers the proper protection)
  • Does that wearer have any allergies? (Some materials may cause rashes and infection on the skin)

Remember, the more absorbent the incontinence product is, the better comfort and safety it will offer. 

Odor elimination

As you know, bacterias present in urine and fecal matter emit odor and cause urinary tract infections and skin problems. Therefore, look for a diaper that possesses bacteria neutralizing features and odor-locked capabilities like Friends diaper pants.

Adult diapers are meant to give the wearer freedom and confidence to step out of the house. So if you are unsure about using them or finding it difficult to choose the correct diaper for yourself or your loved one, talk to a geriatrician who will give you the advice and guidance you need and return to greater enjoyment of life.


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