What’s the difference between YouTube and Vimeo?


The power of video in our everyday life cannot be underestimated. However, having a great video is half the equation, as you will need to decide about the best place to host it. Vimeo is one of the best alternatives to YouTube.

What differentiates YouTube from Vimeo?

1. The communities

The community of users in YouTube is large, with more than one billion users. These people watch hundreds of thousands of videos every day. With this large population, you may run into a group of users who will tell you lots of negative things about your video. They are highly offensive and may discourage you.

Vimeo has a smaller community, with just about 170 million active users. Due to this small number, you may be able to receive constructive feedback that may help you grow, unlike what you get from YouTube. With the smaller Vimeo community, you can get a higher production value.

2. Membership

Vimeo has got 4 membership options: Premium, Business, PRO, and Plus. Each of them offers different storage and support. The basic free membership that Vimeo offers is about 500MB of storage every week. The platform makes money from monthly or annual payments by the users.

With YouTube, users get free unlimited storage, and the platform makes money through paid adverts, and no monthly or annual payments like Vimeo do. However, if you want to access and view videos that don’t have ads, Google has a subscription service where you pay $9.99 every month.

3. Updating videos

With Vimeo, you can replace an uploaded video without losing the stats that have already been garnered. This is a powerful tool especially if you realize that you had made a mistake with the original one. With YouTube, if you replace a video file, you will first need to delete the initial file, and this means that you will lose all your stats and views, which can be very discouraging. If you are a YouTube user, you have to be very keen on spelling and also with your content because after you have posted, you will not be able to undo them.

4. Copyrighted material

YouTube can detect images and music that have copyright on them quickly, and will disable certain elements especially if you don’t have the permission to use them. This helps you ensure that you are not infringing on other people’s copyright intending to.

5. Advertising

With YouTube, there are ads all over, both on the website and also inside the video player. Users can target certain audiences, but as a viewer, this can be tough.

With Vimeo, their site is clean and free of annoying ads, and you will never see ads popping up before, after, and within your content. This is because they make their money from the membership fees which the users pay.

6. Analytics

Analytics is very important in telling you who is viewing your video. Both the platforms provide stats on views, likes, comments, and shares, together with some important geographical data. However, Google offers slightly more.

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