Which Places Provide The Best Safaris In Dubai For Couples?


Dubai is a fascinating city for thousands of people around the world. They visit this alluring city for different reasons. Commonly people go to Dubai to explore it and spend awesome holidays. Others visit it for business purposes.

This city is not only a tourist but a business hub. There are so many couples who dream of visiting Dubai. If your dream is going to be accomplished, you are lucky then. Desert safaris in Dubai are one of the core visiting places that tourists don’t want to miss.

If you want to visit Dubai city with your loved one, you can choose a tour to desert safari to make memories for a lifetime. We assure you that you will get exciting and worth remembering experiences and memories here. With your dear one, you can choose a morning or evening desert safari.

Both safaris have their own specialties. These safaris offer you unique experiences and activities.

Morning Desert Safari

If you want to visit a morning desert safari, you will get the best chance to enjoy the beauty of nature here. It offers you amazing Arabian experiences. Plan a trip to the morning desert safari and accomplish it with your loved one. 

The rural desert is located at a short distance if you have to travel towards it from the capital city. You can choose the tour of the morning desert safari that includes almost all required options. On this tour, you will get an air balloon ride and a camel ride.

The focus of most torus is an adventure. The reason is many adventure seekers love to visit morning and evening desert safari. They love to take air balloon rides and enjoy the beauty of the desert from the top.


Active couples will love the sandboarding tours. You have to travel for half an hour to 45 minutes into the desert. A 4*4 Land cruiser will pick you from the place of your residence. Start the day with the activity of dune bashing. Your local guide takes you on a thrilling ride.

Enjoy up and down on the alluring dunes. You can use a sandboard if you want to glide down attractive dunes that are vast. It is an exciting activity that couples love to enjoy. Don’t worry about the time because you have a lot of time to get back to your place of residence.

Safari is located to the drive of just three hours. You can go back anytime to explore city highlights.

Camel Ride

Many tours offer you camel ride with sandboarding. It gives you a classic experience of the desert. Spend your morning in the Arabian desert enjoying wonderful activities. Rush the adrenaline of your partner too on a marvelous landscape during the activity of dune bashing.

Camel ride will definitely be scenic. You can take your partner to the desert camp that is old-fashioned to dip into the history. Moreover, there is an Arabian coffee shop to visit. Make a lot of fun for four hours.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is the most thrilling and exciting activity of the morning desert safari. Explore desert from the top with your partner. Click alluring pictures to share them with your friends. You will get the chance to witness the wildlife of the desert from the top.

Evening Desert Safari

This tour of desert safari offers you so many activities to enjoy with your partner. Explore the desert at the time of evening. At this time, the desert will be less hot. You can enjoy henna painting, dancing activities, and a delicious BBQ dinner in the evening desert safari.

Your partner will definitely be excited to see the Belly and Tanura dances. Many females like the activity of henna painting. They get the designs of their choice and make wonderful clicks of them. Your guide will pick you from your hotel or the place of residence on this tour.

After enjoying this tour for four to five hours, a driver will drop you back in a Landcruiser. Moreover, the evening desert safari gives you a unique experience of Arabian culture and its nights. Some couples spend a night in the camps under the vast sky.

We suggest you never miss this tour if you want to have your best time in Dubai. Make wonderful memories with your partner at this alluring place.

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