Why are coworking spaces in India successful?


Coworking is about more than simply cost and infrastructure sharing; it’s about belonging to a community, accessibility, and long-term viability. The term “coworking” refers to a new manner of working and sharing. Coworking spaces are built without corporate restraints on what is viewed as an “office” atmosphere, and offer flexible memberships to meet most demands, and are aimed to give a creative and collaborative environment for their clients.

With the popularity of coworking spaces, India’s work environment has seen a significant change. It is rapidly growing into a common work hub for practically everyone.

India’s work place is evolving for the better in these modern times. Coworking spaces in Mumbai are becoming more popular as an alternative to traditional offices. Co-working spaces offer a unique blend of practical and intangible benefits, such as furnished office space, plug-and-play offices, business centres, workspace, and office on rent. Coworking spaces are for everyone and anyone, whether you’re a large corporation, a small scale business, an aspiring start-up or a lone wolf freelancer. Coworking spaces are designed to welcome everyone in order to foster a community that thrives and grows together.

The following are some of the variables that contribute to the success of co-working spaces:

  1. WaaS (workspace as a service): The idea is new and developing. The hospitality provided in coworking spaces is seamless and centred on customer satisfaction. The fact that co-working spaces offer a variety of prices and packages is a key component in their success. Other advantages include free WIFI, superior infrastructure, premium locations, managed office, and many others that any entrepreneur would prefer over a costly office. Remote employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from coworking. It is significant in commercial real estate since it benefits both businesses and their employees. The most crucial and expensive business cost, the workplace, is turned into a service via coworking. The workspace as a service approach frees up cash flow and allows employees to be more flexible.
  2. Cost Optimization: Having an office is a costly and time-consuming endeavour. If you’re a start-up or a freelancer, you don’t want to be bothered with maintaining your workplace and your work. Coworking spaces are both affordable and practical. There are no hidden or extra charges; you simply pay for what you use. There’s also no need to worry about running the office or maintaining the infrastructure.
  3. Ease of Management: One biggest feature of coworking spaces has been that it generally comes with a crew that oversees all of the associated costs with a shared office space. They work with a variety of companies to ensure that the services they provide will be of the highest quality, leaving no room for consumer complaints. The entire chore of managing a shared workspace becomes simple and efficient, and clients get exactly what they want. Companies don’t have to spend their time worrying about how to organise desks or how to optimise their space. This is taken care of by coworking providers. As a result, the business is able to focus on developing themselves rather than space. Employees, in turn, acquire the tools and support they need to accomplish their tasks better.
  4. Networking opportunities: In the present era, the best approach to grow your own capabilities and progress as a professional is to build and increase your network. Coworking spaces provide the ideal setting for collaboration and networking. One of the key advantages of shared workspaces is that you get to connect with people from all industries, you can develop a community, and you can collaborate with like-minded people.
  5. Use of technology: Everything in today’s society is done online, from ordering food to buying clothes to managing day-to-day duties. Everything happens at our fingertips these days, so the flexibility to rent a workspace and choose the duration, location, and number of workstations makes coworking an instant hit. To run a successful and effective virtual office space, only the most cutting-edge technologies should be used. Today, many firms embrace and provide the greatest technological tools to enable remote working teams to perform their tasks with ease.

Summing up

Coworking spaces are thought to be more enjoyable and stimulating because they do not confine employees to walls and floors, and allow them to meet people from various sectors. One such coworking space solutions provider is iKeva that has presence in three major cities in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai. iKeva provides customized and enterprise solutions in serviced offices, coworking spaces, virtual offices and meeting rooms.


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