Why Buying Gold Bullion is a Good Investment


The concept of investment seems a simple one. But it would help if you had the discipline not to shoot yourself in the foot. All those lottery tickets and scratch cards can’t be helping, but they are just indicative of something much more profound. You see, we are naturally hardwired to take shortcuts to our detriment. This should come as no surprise when you consider that we have been doing this as a species since we learned to use tools. So why do it? Recently, more and more investors are buying gold because of its ability to maintain its value and how it is easy to buy. Gold coins are an essential part of that investment strategy. They are an excellent way to invest in gold bullion and increase your investment portfolio. Wondering whether it might be the right fit for you? Here are some reasons why you should invest in gold bullion!

Gold is a Safe Investment

The price of gold fluctuates depending on supply and demand and might go up or down (depending on the economy). Still, some argue that it is a good investment because it’s not subject to the same volatility as stocks and other markets. This is because it does not lose its intrinsic value when other investments lose theirs. Purchasing gold prevents your money’s value from dropping by only buying what you need for the short term and selling at a later date when you need more money.

Gold is a Mainstream Asset

Gold is steadily becoming a mainstream asset with investors ranging from sovereign wealth funds, pensioners, and individuals in emerging and developed economies. Since the turn of the century, the global demand for investment in gold bullion has increased by 18% each year. Additionally, central banks are also maximizing the use of gold as a foreign reserve. Jointly, central banks in emerging markets have intensified their gold holdings in the past years. The increase in investor appetite for gold is because gold bullion is liquid and accessible. This way, it easily transcends different markets around the globe.  

Buy Gold Bullion for Competitive Returns

Investors habitually view gold bullion as an asset to hold when risk is high and dispose of the booming economy. Yet economic growth has progressive effects on the consumer demand for gold. Research reveals that numismatics rely on bullion during market uncertainty, pushing up demand during stock market tumbles or inflation spikes. This influences the prices of gold bullion for sale, but not in the long term. But one of the most notable drivers of gold bullion investment is positive income growth. Additionally, an expanded middle class has become the driver for the demand for precious metals. In this regard, gold has high positive returns, outperforming other types of assets. 

Gold is an Efficient Hedge against Inflation

Gold bullion coins offer you diversity within your portfolio so that you can protect yourself against inflation without losing any money. The price of gold fluctuates wildly daily, but it generally rises as time goes by. One of the reasons this happens is that inflation occurs over time. Gold is an efficient hedge against inflation since the value of money decreases over time as more money gets printed, and the value of gold increases accordingly. 

Gold can be passed Down the Generations

The value of the coin will never depreciate. A good example is the American Gold Eagle, minted by the United States and has a face value of $50. Because it contains one troy ounce of gold, its intrinsic value is more than $50. However, market value is greater than its face value, making it an excellent investment.

Troy ounces are used to measure gold and other precious metals. They are different from standard ounces in that they are larger in measurement. A troy ounce weighs 31.1 grams, while a regular ounce weighs 28.3 grams. Gold bullion coins may have varying weights, but they all contain at least one troy ounce of gold.

Most gold bullion coins are sold for their melt value, and these coins rarely ever lose their value over time because the price for gold does not change much due to world events or changes in supply and demand. The price of gold is determined by the market alone, so when you buy gold bullion coins, you can be sure that your investment will be worth just as much in 10 or 20 years as it is today.


Well, now that you know why investing in gold is a good investment, consider safeguarding your investment portfolio today with the precious metal!

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