Why does monitoring and tracking software facilitate remote work!


One of the lessons we learned with the home office and its emergency adoption during the pandemic is that monitoring and follow-up systems are the most efficient, comprehensive, and economical solutions for everything to flow correctly.

Thanks to the health emergency, Remote working had the opportunity to demonstrate its benefits to such a degree. The question is not whether we should return to physical offices, but how to make the home office more efficient and safe for everyone involved.

Because not only It is here to stay, but it was already a trend before the pandemic:

While many of us are already more than familiar and comfortable with remote working, there is still a long way to go to get the most out of it.

However, companies that understand that they must go further rather than stay in their comfort zone are the that they will enjoy more operational and commercial advantages in the short and medium-term.

Technology opens up unique opportunities to increase the productivity of all employees.

Still, at the same time, it allows maintaining a balance between work and personal life, fostering the motivation and sense of belonging of your collaborators, identifying best practices and areas of opportunity, and shielding information security.

It seems that to achieve it all, it is necessary to resort to a dozen digital tools, but no, you only need the appropriate real-time monitoring software.

How does employee monitoring and control software help you to improve remote work in your organization?

Here is a list of some benefits you can get from state-of-the-art remote monitoring software:

  • It allows your employees to support their activity and their remote working hours, and it gives you as an employer tool to prove your arguments in case of any controversy.
  • It allows you to identify your “Top performers”, those employees who obtain the best results with a reasonable investment of time. That is, they do not need to overexert themselves because they are organized very effectively.
  • It is an “all in one” tool that allows you to obtain many key functionalities at a very affordable cost.
  • It has analytics and automation functions that save a lot of time in monitoring and making strategic decisions.
  • You can implement the tool one employee at a time and choose who you need to monitor and whom.
  • The monitoring functions are 100% customizable and respect personal privacy. -For example, you can intuitively and quickly configure complex actions such as stopping monitoring your collaborators when they enter their electronic banking or blocking the activity of a remote computer when the system detects a leak of classified information.
  • It helps you to give a better accompaniment and onboarding to your new remote collaborators.
  • Not only can you see what your team is doing, but you can also create a friendly, open office environment with two-way transparency between all collaborators.
  • Real-time activity tracking systems are designed to be efficient in terms of data consumption. They give you many options to know what task each collaborator is focusing on minute by minute. Still, they do not saturate the network, which yes it happens with the typical video calls and the functionality of “screenshare.”
  • They are hosted in the cloud, they do not waste your storage resources, and it is also very easy for each collaborator to install the extension on their computer.

How do I monitor remote work without demotivating my staff?

Many employers are reluctant to enable a remote monitoring system because they do not want to convey that they do not trust them.

Or, worse, they monitor them but do not warn them (which is, quite simply, spying on them).

However, we must remember that time trackers, as such, are neutral tools that can be used to monitor under inflexible and outdated criteria.

Or what they are designed for creating virtual work environments that promote motivation, self-management, flexibility, and healthy competition.

Whether your work team feels it as an invasion of their privacy or understands it as a tool to obtain more employment benefits depends on how you use it. For example, did you know that more and more freelancers and independent professionals turn to monitoring software to learn how to invest their time better?

The philosophy behind the tool is, without a doubt, a key piece of success.

Do you want to know how to take advantage of the 7 key benefits of a time tracker step by step? Then download our free guide:

Beyond monitoring: 7 strategic benefits of remote job tracking software

In which you will find tips to:

1.- Productivity, work for objectives and competitiveness

2.- Streamline the onboarding of your new employees

3.- Computer security and data protection

4.- Identify “Top performers.”

5.- Support your work feedback with facts

6.- Foster an organizational culture of transparency and flexibility

7.- A better balance between work and personal life

Do you want to go straight to the solution? Workpuls is the tool that helps you be clear about what is draining your productivity and how to avoid procrastination to have more and better quality free time.

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