Why is Family-based Immigration Encouraged? – Some Good Reasons


Family-based immigration is the best way to get entry to the United States. This form of immigration existed in the past as well. However, as time passed by, this system was encouraged more so that people from different parts of the globe and contribute to its economy. To do so, you should contact a Dallas family immigration attorney, who is well-versed with the immigration laws. It is important to learn how this kind of immigration is supported in the United States before you opt for it.

Family sponsorship

When family members apply for this kind of immigration, they tend to invite their relatives and other close family members encouraging them to come to this country. They send sponsorships to their loved ones, who live in different parts of the country. It supports the United States financially in a great manner. That’s why, family immigration is a great source of income for this nation. 

Several work opportunities

One of the reasons why family-based immigration is encouraged in this nation is because they invite talented people from all parts of the world and work here. In many cases such as IT and healthcare, they have several job options and amazing salary structures, which you may not be able to find anywhere else. If you are looking for a promising career and have talented, you can apply for family immigration and raise the quality of life of your family including your spouse and children.

Being a green card holder

If you become eligible for a green card, you will be able to enjoy enormous benefits such as working and living in this country permanently and after five years, you will be able to get US citizenship. If you hold a green card, it cannot be revoked and you cannot be deported to your original country. No matter how many changes in immigration laws are done, your green card can never be taken back. Besides that, you can have all the legal rights of a citizen of the United States. You will also be able to sponsor a family member’s green card. By holding a green card, you can travel in and outside the United States without any issue. A green card holder can receive social security benefits if his stay in the nation is long enough.

If you want to apply for family immigration, you must hire a qualified and licensed immigration lawyer. 

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