Why Power BI Is A Better Alternative Than Excel?


All the systems or codes in multiple domains deal with plenty of data regularly. Analysis of this data or information is crucial and necessary to execute better and obtain the desired outcomes. This is the time when Data Science and Analytics need to come into existence. Data Analytics is the interpretation or analysis of raw data and its representation in meaningful forms that include graphs and tables. I am going to tell you why Power BI Is A Better Alternative Than Excel.

Valuable or relevant insights from raw data are accumulated in Excel when arranged or organized in tabular columns. These insights are delineated in customizable graphs or charts. The modern and advanced formula bar benefits one to perform or execute fast calculations. One can also study or examine data trends on a click. The Office 365 package advances or promotes the co-authoring, sharing, and collaboration of the Excel workbooks easily on the go.

Microsoft Power BI is a preeminent and potent Business Analytics tool that can visualize or conceive data from numerous recurring sources and transform or modifies them into informational insights. The collaboration of records or data is simple and can be accessed from any platform. If you want to build some web application like salesforce forms, custom documents etc you can check this App out.

Introduction To Power BI:

Power BI is the accumulative or collective term for an assortment of cloud-based applications and services that benefit companies or organizations to organize, collate, manage, control, and analyze data from various sources by a user-friendly interface. Business intelligence software tools that include Power BI development or improvement can be utilized for aggregation of purposes. 

Essentially, Power BI extracts data collectively, prepares, and processes it, transforming it into intelligible or clear insights, frequently utilizing visually compelling and easy-to-process tables, graphs, and charts. It enables users to produce, accord, and share understandable, clear, and useful snaps of what is happening or resulting in their business.

Power BI connects or unites to a wide range of data sources, from basic Excel spreadsheets to databases, including cloud-based and on-premise applications.

Power BI is something referred to as an umbrella term. It can indicate a Windows desktop app known as Power BI Desktop. It’s an online SaaS (Software as a Service) service known as Power BI Service, or mobile Power BI apps readily available on Windows phones and tablets, and for iOS and Android devices.

It can be said that the learning curve from Excel to Power BI is not that abrupt or steep, and anyone who can work and manage using Excel can easily use Power BI. Still, the latter is far more compelling and potent than its spreadsheet counterpart!

Power BI involves Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service-

Power BI Desktop:

  • It can connect or relate to a variety of data sources. This data or information can be up to date with the Auto-Refresh choices.
  • It enables one to model one’s data real or genuine quick.
  • It benefits one to create interactive reports through Power BI development employing the drag and drop canvas.

Power BI Service:

It is a web portal or gateway that encourages one to manage and display reports generated using the Power BI Desktop.

So, why to choose Power BI over Excel? Here, we have listed some of the reasons why Power BI is more compelling and potent than Excel. They include:

Data Size and Simplicity:

Power BI can deal with an immense amount of raw data or information and various aggregated tables of data. The analytical tool has a vast and extensive capacity to load and process a massive volume of data into a single PBIX folder. Various aggregated reports or tables can be arranged and correlated, if required, depends upon general fields. The Power Query Editor and the Data Modeling divisions are more manageable to work in user interface and simple to employ.

Data Connectivity and Auto Refresh:

One significant reason to prefer Power BI development is that it can connect or correlate to a wide range of data sources that include databases, online platforms that include Facebook, Salesforce reports, and so on. The data is imported quickly and directly into the Power BI Workbook when contrasted to the time employed by the ODBC Driver of Excel. Don’t we all embrace and prefer to keep or retain our data up to date with its source? Unquestionably, yes! Auto Refresh is one such great possibility in Power BI development so that the data outlasts and remains in sync with the reference or source.

There is a Refresh option in Power BI Desktop and a Refresh Now and a Scheduled Refresh option in Power BI Service to retain. And also to keep all the documents and reports updated. When you select Refresh, the folder’s model’s data or information is refreshed with updated. Or rationalize data from the original data source. 

Whenever you refresh data in a dataset, whether by practicing Refresh Now or by setting up a refresh schedule, Power BI utilizes data or information in the dataset to connect to the data sources elucidated for it, query for updated data, and then loads the updated or revised data into the dataset. Unlike Excel, the dashboard can be upgraded or refreshed in Power BI.

Reports and Cross Filtering:

As contrasted to Excel reports, Power BI reporting is much improved, advanced, latest, interactive. Also a single table or graph can render multiple valuable insights. Also, cross-filtering is not there in Excel but applicable in Power BI development. It impacts how users desire the filters to flow for data or information using relationships between charts or tables.

Alerts and Emails:

In Excel, one must generate a macro in the VBA Editor to send a mail and a reminder. Creating an alert and triggering an email when a condition (Eg. a threshold value) is met has never been direct and straightforward in Power BI.

It can keep users alert on the go, and they can access the report anytime and anywhere.

Other Bonus Features:

  • Natural Language Query
  • Quick Insights
  • Customizable Reports and Dashboards
  • Permissions and Sharing of Reports
  • Download and Export of Dashboards


It connects and calls for a swift, rapid, and efficient data analytics software tool in today’s data-driven world. Power Bi consultants enables the use of business intelligence and ensures all the documents or reports are developed effectively, promptly, and offers plenty of compelling insights. In these changing times and up-gradation or advancements in technologies; it calls for a potent and robust software tool such as Power BI that makes one’s work more comfortable, easy. It also saves plenty of time, enabling the best and desired results.

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