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Why should I use mailers for real estate agents? 3 reasons why!

If you are a real estate agent, there are some clear tools that you can utilize to increase your leads and expand your client base. 

One tried and true method that real estate agents all over the country have utilized for reals has been real estate postcards. While some may think that now – in the age of the internet and e-mail – those real estate postcards have lost the value that they once held, they would be wrong! 

If you are curious about the top three reasons to use mailers for real estate agents, read along while we break the top three reasons to use them.

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They offer the chance to connect directly

There is something that is just unarguably more intimate about a letter, postcard, or mailer than a simple email. After all, that’s why some of the most important things are still announced via mail (think wedding announcements, holiday cards, and more). Things that people send and receive in the mail connect the two people much more. Sending mailers to people in your community will make them trust you and your business in a meaningful way and will lead to a much greater sense of connection. 

While this sense of connection will not necessarily lead to them choosing to go with you when they are finally ready to enter the market as either buyers or sellers, it will certainly instill them with a greater sense of confidence that they would likely not have otherwise. 

They’re physical reminders

While emails will likely never even be opened – or simply deleted immediately – there is a pretty strong chance that people who receive your mailer will hold onto it. That is especially true if they are thinking about entering the housing market – either as a buyer or a seller – soon. This physical advertisement allows people to have reminders that they can hold, hang on their fridges, and much more. 

While emails get delivered and billboards are quickly driven by and forgotten, mailers have the potential to have some very real staying power with potential clients. 

There is no denying the fact that the world is turning increasingly online. People are now much more likely to communicate through text than they are through phone calls. And for younger generations, there is no real argument that their lives are much more online than the older generations. However, it is important to keep in mind that the vast majority of buyers and sellers in the market are not from the millennial or Gen-Z generations. The vast majority of buyers and sellers are either part of the baby boomer or Gen-X generations, and while they of course use email and texts, they are also much more accustomed to getting important information through the mail. 

Unlock your local market

One incredible benefit that real estate postcard mailers offer real estate agents is that they can really unlock their local market and gain direct access to local clients that may be looking to either buy or sell. This means that you will not have to worry as much about hearing from a potential client who saw an ad online but didn’t consider how far you actually are away from them. While it is always good to know that your advertisements are doing their jobs of attracting potential clients and creating solid leads, it can be really disappointing to learn that a potential client is too far away to really consider working together.

With real estate postcard mailers, you can be sure that you are exclusively reaching out to people in your community and close to really utilize your expertise. That not only negates the risk of connecting with clients out of your area, but it also makes sure that all the money you are spending towards outreach is money well spent! That certainly makes postcard mailers a worthy consideration when you start to look for new ways to add clients.

Get your mailers today

Now that you know some of the most important benefits that real estate postcard mailers offer, it’s time to start working with a company that makes them get started on your new campaign. 

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