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Paintings have been the main source of bringing cultures and people together since eternities. Art has the power to comfort, heal and console after a tragedy or romance is over. Artists from the ancient to the contemporary eras have time and again warmed our souls with their exquisite masterpieces. 

But, unfortunately, we do not always have the money or access to the original artworks of these artists which have their homes in museums and art galleries. 

Nonetheless, the chance to have quality replicas of the masterpieces and personal, customized paintings are very much available to us through the website, 1st-art-gallery.com. 

Let’s explore this online wonder in detail and see why one definitely should go for it!

What is 1st-art-gallery.com?

1st-art-gallery.com is a website belonging to a company that is the world’s largest supplier of Made-to-Order oil paintings. The gallery presents  replica art done by famous artists in all eras and movements so that one can have replicas, if not original artworks, on their walls. 


Additionally, they also make custom-ordered oil paintings; one merely has to send a digital picture of themselves or their loved ones, and the talented artists of the company morph it into an original oil painting, with the fine details embedded in them in all its aptness and glory. 

Their Organized Framework 

1st-art-gallery.com not only has the talent to enthuse its users but also is extremely obsequious and synchronized. The site is categorized by various criteria which include: artists, art styles, art subjects, art movements, nationalities, colors, and collections. 


Furthermore, it provides the opportunity to send in a special request for a personalized painting through the ‘Request a Quote’ option in which one can not only ask for combining more than one photograph in a painting but can also demand a background change so that you can ingeniously fool your colleagues and friends that you have just been back from a vacation in Manali. 

What Makes it Different and Unique?

We can all see the difference between a mere poster and a hand-painted fine replica art. The reason that the 1st-art-gallery stands out from the others is its ability to include the richness, dimensions, and felicity that the purchaser expects and demands. 


Since its founding, fifteen years ago, 1st-art-gallery has ceremoniously delivered its artworks in over 120 countries. People from all classes have been at the receiving end of their anticipated paintings for a reasonable and affordable price. It even offers tempting discounts for their corporate and retail clients and provides excellent attention and services in case of any issues or glitches. 

High-Quality Products and Hassle-free Return Policies

The material used by the artists of the company is of great eminence and standard. The oil colors are timely and efficiently developed and the canvases are made of fine cotton and linen material to provide a desirable surface. Even painting brushes, which are the primal part behind any painting, are made of animal hair, which provides a more firm material as compared to synthetic brushes which are often uneven, flimsy, and rough. 

The company also offers a 365 days return policy for any dissatisfied purchase, except the frame and shipping cost which the customer has to incur. Moreover, a customer can send the painting back to the company for any amends and modifications that they require or demand. 


The customer can also ask the company to submit a picture of the finished work for evaluation and ask them to do amends before the shipment itself. The delivery is done very cautiously and the order is packed securely to avoid any damage. Even if damage does occur, it is repaired free of cost.

Excellent Ratings and Reviews

Every seller needs a happy customer, and 1st-art-gallery is fulfilled in that criteria. They not only have a five-star rating with Trustpilot with a ninety-eight percent customer satisfaction score but also have thousands of content customers praising the website on different review sites. 

The various written and video testimonials on the website of the 1st-art-gallery are manifestations of the satisfaction the purchasers have received, some of them being a customer for more than a decade. With the options of more than 300,000 pieces of art and the freedom to choose one’s size and design, this site is a haven for every art connoisseur. 


The highly trained artists of the www.1st-art-gallery.com offer a plethora of options for you to choose from. The 24/7 customer service and the trustworthy policies are reasons enough to make a purchase. You will also get authenticity certificates for all oil reproductions you purchase and within three weeks, you will receive your custom-made, hand-painted masterpiece at your doorstep. Happy shopping!

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