Why You Should Hire A Search Engine Marketing Agency For Your Next Big Project


Research has shown, a one-second delay in page loading reduces conversions by 7%.

Search engine optimization is an integral part of any marketing campaign that businesses shouldn’t ignore. If you’re still skeptical about the need to hire an SEO agency, this is the article for you.

Read along as we divulge why you should hire a search engine marketing agency for your next big project.

To Leverage Their Expertise

If you don’t have the resources to put up an SEO team for your marketing needs, then hiring an agency is the best option you have. The beauty of hiring an SEO agency is that you can leverage their experience gained over the years to skyrocket your project to success. An SEO agency is well-versed with all the different strategies to use to ensure your SEO marketing efforts reap good results.

More importantly, that’s what they do for a living, which motivates them to put in the effort necessary to produce good results. If the adage, experience is the best teacher is something to go by, you can get an edge by hiring an agency. This is because the team has gained extensive knowledge about what works in SEO and what doesn’t.

They have the expertise to offer you good strategies that have been tried and tested to ensure they offer good results. You need people who have been in the industry to witness the different trends and changes that have occurred in regards to SEO. As a business, you want to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals, which can only be achieved by hiring an SEO agency.

Save Time and Money

If you have a small team in your organization, chances are time, and monetary resources are scarce. Handling SEO in-house means that you’ll need the time and money to recruit and hire experts in the field. If that is an issue and you have this big project coming up, you need to consider hiring an SEO agency.

When you set up an SEO team in-house, you’ll spend a bit more due to employee benefits, and you need to pay them well. The beauty of outsourcing search engine marketing is that you pay for the services when you need them. This saves you money as you’ll no longer have a whole team on the payroll even if you aren’t fully utilizing their skills.

More so, you should consider the time taken recruiting, interviewing, and inducting new employees. This is time that would have otherwise been used in the core competencies of your business or incoming project. Talk of hitting two birds with one stone; you not only save money but also time when outsourcing SEO services.

Great Return on Investment

SEO has proved to have a great return on investment due to the number of leads and sales it can generate for a company. A study showed that the first page in Google search engine results gets about 28.5% of the internet traffic. What does this mean to your business in terms of creating brand awareness?

To put it into perspective, if a keyword gets 1 million searches a day, then the first site of the SERP gets about 300,000 traffic. This is a drop in the ocean since there are billions of searches on Google every day. This costs you way cheaper compared to what you can pay for a TV ad to get eyeballs.

The beauty of SEO is that it attracts the right organic traffic since the searchers are probably looking for a service or product you offer. In the long run, this traffic will be converted to buyers once your brand keeps recurring on the first page of their search results. This cuts your lead generation and advertising costs by a significant sum of money.

An SEO agency will help you achieve all this by using strategies that will place your brand on the first page of search results. The results you gain from SEO services are an investment that will be of value to your business for an extended period.

To Be In the Loop on New Trends

 An SEO agency specializes in that particular niche and is in the loop of the latest and emerging trends in the field. Google keeps on changing its search engine algorithm, and to manipulate the system to your advantage, you have to know new trends. Your in-house staff most likely don’t have that much time to know new developments and trends in the industry.

Agencies are very versatile and can adapt to new situations in regard to SEO. Organizations have a lot of bureaucracy that can hinder making changes to how things get done. This can happen in your company, and your SEO team won’t try new ideas, unlike an agency.

To Access SEO Tools

Hiring an SEO agency enables you to get access to SEO tools without investing. The tools range from monitoring software that informs you how your website is doing and how certain keywords are performing. More so, you will access automation tools that make the tasks involved in SEO streamlined and seamless.

These tools can be quite expensive, especially for a small business or when you have a tight budget project. Once you outsource your SEO services to an agency, all these tools will be at your disposal.

Is there any other way you can access all these tools for your local search engine marketing without making an investment? Contact Red Beard Digital for your SEO marketing needs to ensure you reach a bigger audience.

Gain Competitive Advantage by Hiring a Search Engine Marketing Agency

The reasons above are compelling enough for you to consider hiring a search engine marketing agency for your next big project. Investing in SEM is the best decision you can ever make.

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