Winter Skincare Tips: Things You Need For Glowing Skin


Winter is coming, and with it comes one’s nightmare—the dull, dry, and pales skin. It may all seem magical and festive, but when it comes to the skin, it can be harsh and leave the skin raw. While one can get all cozy and warm inside, bathe with hot water and enjoy the sun, all these winter comforts can damage the skin. 

There is a chance that you already have a skincare routine, but when it comes to winters, it requires some modification. While the market is full of consumer health and beauty products and essentials to keep your skin hydrated and glowing, the question here arises if you know which product is best suited for you?

The key to good skin care is to understand your skin well. Suppose if you have oily skin, you may not feel too dry in the winters, but it does affect it a little, if not too much. The skin requires hydration to stay healthy and glowing. Change in temperature is one of the biggest factors that contribute to skin damage.

However, if you want healthy and glowing skin in the winters, there are many Winter Skincare tips that can help you to retain the moisture of the skin.

Moisturize the skin

Moisturizing the skin is a crucial step in your Winter Skincare routine for glowing skin. It helps lock in the moisture of the skin and makes sure that the skin doesn’t lose its natural oils. There are many incredible moisturizers available in the market, but it is better to use oils such as Coconut Oil, Castor oil, olive oil, buttermilk, and more that you can use in the winters to moisturize your skin.

  1. Drink water

Winters makes us feel less dehydrated, but we lose water in many uncountable ways as we do in summers. This is why it is essential to drink more water during the cold winter days, so your body does not lack the moisture it needs. Water is highly crucial when it comes to retaining your glowing skin.

  • Wash your face with Luke warm water

Hot showers may be relaxing in winters, but it can strip your skin of its natural oils, making it dull and dry. The condition even worsens when you have sensitive skin. However, this doesn’t mean to use cold waters, but lukewarm water to make sure you are not harming your skin when washing it. This way, you won’t feel cold or let the oils slough off from your skin.

  • Opt for a gentle skin cleansers for Winter Skincare

Using the wrong soaps can have a significant effect on your skin. They contain ingredients that can have a devastating impact on your skin. Instead of using bar soaps, it is highly recommendable to use gel skin cleansers that are mild on your skin and doesn’t have any fragrances.

  • Modify your skincare routine

It is necessary to have a skincare routine to make sure your skin is clean and glowing. However, when it comes to winters, using cream-based cleansers and applying toners is essential. At night, use rich moisturizers on your skin, and don’t forget to moisturize your lips. It can help in healing the dry skin and keep them from cracking or chapping.

  • Don’t forget about the sunscreen

Even in the cold, white winters, your skin is prone to damage with the rays of the sun. The sun reflects through the snow and can increase the risk of exposure. Using sunscreens can help you to avoid the damage the sun rays can cause to your skin. So before you go outside, apply sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher to all the areas of your body such as face and hands that are exposed to the sun. 

  • Do not exfoliate your skin a lot

Exfoliating the skin helps in getting rid of the dead skin cells layering on the skin. You need to remember that in winters your skin barriers are already damaged due to cold weather. Where exfoliating can help with skin regeneration and better absorption of the skincare products, doing it excessively can also have a devastating effect. If you have dry skin doing it twice a month is fine. If you have a combination or oily skin, doing it once a week is enough. Oily skin people should use blotting paper to wipe out excess oil.

  • Avoid anything that itches the skin

Be it a skincare product or a nylon sweater, if your skin itches, you must avoid it. Skin is extremely fragile and prone to damage in the winters. Exposing it to allergens can trigger the symptoms of diseases such as eczema and more. However, winters give the temptations to wear wool knits. If this is the case with you, make sure to buy high-quality wool knits. If possible, opt for cotton winter wear to avoid harsh irritation. 

  • Never go without sunglasses

This is especially important for people where it snows heavily. The harsh sunlight reflecting the snow can harm the skin around your eyes and cause brown spots, fine lines and more. Therefore, whenever you step out of your home, make sure to apply sunscreen and wear sunglasses to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. 

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  • Have a healthy diet 

Seasonal fruit is an important part of your diet because they contain the vitamins and omegas which are essential to retaining healthy skin. Berries are an exceptional source of vitamins and antioxidants. Strawberries, grapes, blueberries and more are the best option to give you a plumped and flushing cheeks. Not just that. With fruits and veggies in your diet, your body will maintain nutrients that can keep the skin healthy.

  1. Exercise 

Although it is hard to leave the warmth and coziness of the blanket, exercising in those cold mornings can have you moving in no time. Not only does it help in rejuvenating the skin with a healthy blood flow, but it also helps you feel energetic in the winters.

These handy tips can help you get through the harsh weather and enjoy your winters while retaining healthy, moisturized, and glowing skin.

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