Wow Burning Crusade Classic: Best Add-ons


Unlike World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, many players lack some small comfort functions in Burning Crusade. Fortunately, there were and are a number of addons that can help.

In this article, we listed for you the most famous and best additions and explained what advantages they bring and how you can install them.

How to install addons in WoW Burning Crusade

Since the popular Curseforge add-on manager stopped updating in December 2020 and no longer receives any updates, many players use WowUp – without advertising, open source, and very easy to use.

You just select the WoW installation catalog (that is, “_classic_”), then click “Install add-ons”, and you can download the additions from the displayed list at your discretion.

If you do not like to use the programs and you want to decide for yourself what you need, you can also install superstructures manually. All you need to do is load addons from a reliable source, such as Curseforge, to unpack them and copy the folder into your installation catalog in the “Interface\AddOns” folder. As soon as one of the add-ons received by you received an update, you will have to load the new version again and manually copy it into the folder and rewrite the outdated version. 

For an easier trip to Azeroth, there are also ways to pump your character. There are many PVP strengthening options in WoW, with which you can turn your character into anything. WoW boost PVP services can also be useful here.

And now we will talk about the best addons for pumping and quests.


Unlike Shadowlands, in Burning Crusade Classic you often have to read quest texts before you understand where to go. The problem is that only one direction is often given. Questie can help here.

The addon shows you where you can find quest opponents where you can send quests and where there are new ones that need to be accepted. This makes it the most useful addon for quests.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you read the texts of quests if you are interested in the world and history of the World of Warcraft. You will learn about the many small details that would not have noticed otherwise.


Also, something that we no longer know in the times of Shadowlands: preliminary tasks of raids! If you want to enter the dungeons and raids in Wow Classic, as well as in Burning Crusade Classic, you need to complete some tasks in advance.

So that you do not lose sight of all preliminary conditions and tasks, Attune lists everything and even notes what you have already done. You can also use the superstructure to see how far other members of the guild are.

Deadly Boss Mods

You can also know the Deadly Boss Mods mode from Shadowlands, where it is also often used. DBM will tell you everything you need to know about the mechanics of individual bosses in raids and dungeons. For example, it indicates what skills your opponents have or when the boss uses special skills.

In the settings, we can choose which warnings should be displayed for each boss.

Since DBM is quite extensive, you may be in advance to study options and adapt the superstructure in accordance with your wishes and your class.


Of course, the production also plays an important role in Burning Crusade Classic, and not every dungeon and every raid boss falls for your class. That is why the review is also important when mining if you want to equip as efficiently and quickly as possible.

With AtlasLootClassic you have just such a review. The addon shows you a table for each boss with each prey that it falls. You can also see all the installed items, add objects to the list of desires that you want to farm, and display all the recipes of crafts and materials that they need.

However, it logically does not increase the chance of objects.

Recount vs Details!

To this day, the question remains controversial about whether the damage meters are useless or whether they are really useful. With them, you can follow the groups and raids, who inflict the greatest damage, who makes the most healing, or who was wounded with what.

Unfortunately, these meters are often used to shift the guilt on others. But if you know how to correctly use a recalculation or parts, you can use them to test new assemblies or equipment or to hone the rotation of skills.


With GTFO, whenever you are in mortal danger, a warning signal sounds, and you know: now leave quickly here!

By the way, if you are interested in which warning signal comes and how annoying all this is, you can watch the video on YouTube.


Bagnon is a simple add-on that combines all the bags in your inventory in one interface. For example, instead of seeing five bags per 10 slots, Bagnon would make one large bag for 50 seats instead of the interface of your inventory.


Do you prefer more mobile pants or rather more resilient ones? If you do not want to compare long objects, Pawn is a place for you. The add-on compares your equipment with the selected one and tells which of the two is better. In addition, Pawn can offer new items that will improve your equipment.

Tradeskillmaster (TSM)

Tradeskillmaster is a useful addition to all friends of the auction house. It not only gives a new appearance to the auction of Azeroth but also always indicates the lowest prices and availability.

It is also useful for the companion application, which shows you the current market value of the item outside the auction house and calculates how much gold you must pay for various craft items.


Depending on how you play with your class and how your common playing style looks, in WoW the panels of action can be quite difficult and chaotic. The Bartender4 will take care of this problem and give you the opportunity to change and adapt the entire interface at your request.

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