10 tips to give your kitchen a refreshed look and feel


Kitchen remodels are the most costly of any room—period. However, if purchasing new countertops, upgrading your backsplash, and replacing appliances are out of your price range, there are alternative methods to give your room a sense of luxury without spending a fortune. You’d be surprised at how many budget-friendly kitchen design ideas there are for creating a chef-worthy atmosphere on a budget, from upgrading cabinetry hardware to changing out an outdated light bulb or even hanging an inexpensive piece of art. Even if you only do one of these things, your room will suddenly appear more luxurious—trust us on this.

Kitchens are regarded as the heart of the house since they prepare our favorite meals, spend time with our family, and socialize. Therefore your kitchen designs must reflect who you are and look and feel comfortable to be in.

We all have started to cook more, don’t we? Many of us have started to spend more time in our kitchens than we could have imagined in this pandemic. That means that the things that never really bothered us like, unsightly countertops, dull walls, disorganized drawers, etc., now give us room for real concerns. 

Following are some tips to help you update your old kitchen to keep up with new trends and experience a pleasant therapeutic experience every time you cook. Keep scrolling for different kitchen design ideas that can convert your area from conventional to exceptional and ho-hum to high-end in no time.

Upgrade the walls

It is always fun to play with colors and display your creativity when it comes to walls. Repaint your walls with some aesthetic colors that brighten up the atmosphere and vibe. The brick patterns, the feature wall, the vibrant colors are indeed in these days. Decorate your kitchen walls with beautiful artwork and experiment with wall hangings to compete with top kitchen trends. Another thing that you can opt for is shelving, as shelves add personality to kitchens.  

Reface the cabinets 

Every kitchen should be renovated from time to time. Cabinets should be upgraded to give your kitchen a fabulous makeover. If you are someone who loves vintage vibes, you can go for wooden cabinets. For people who love elegance, you can choose white or pastel cabinets. Glossy cabinets are also in fashion. Double up your cabinets to make them look more clean and spacious. Moreover, people also go for open shelving when they want a stylish and sleek look, occupying more space.

Pay attention to the ceiling

 You may be wondering what to do with your kitchen roof. Well, the roof is the game-changer. Painting the ceiling in matte pastel colors can draw attention to the walls and furniture, upgrading the look; on the other hand, a false ceiling overheats the kitchen by dissipating less heat and making the environment quite uncomfortable. You can also upgrade your roof with some lovely lights.

Widen up the kitchen space

Today modern kitchens around the world are all about the bigger cooking island. They give your kitchen the desired style statement and make it look sophisticated and attractive. There are numerous ways to decorate a large kitchen incorporating dining tables, plants, oversized pendant lamps, complementary rugs, suitable types of countertops, and much more. For smaller kitchens, style isn’t a big deal either. Strategic planning and renovation services are offered by experts who know how to use different design elements to create a pleasing, coherent space that is practical and comfortable. 

If you’re looking for kitchen refacing in Oakville, make sure to revolve your search around it to get the best results.

Flooring brings the change

Tiles are the first choice for flooring because they are durable, easy to clean, yet modern. There are numerous tiles available with different patterns that can add a significant class to your kitchen. Larger tiles are preferred as they make the kitchen look more spacious. If someone wants a vintage look, wooden tiles are the best option. The flooring should complement the walls and ceiling to help tie the entire look together. Marbles are also available in several patterns suitable for flooring, especially in hot areas, as they help cool down the temperature and give a clean look.

Well planned lightening

Lights serve as a game-changer for your perfect dreamy kitchen. Pluck lights under cabinets look cute and set a cozy mood. The most common lights used are ceiling lamps, pendants, and recessed downlights, each adding their own sense of drama and effect to your kitchen. Kitchens must consist of ambient and workplace lighting. Workplace lighting is practical enough and most needed in cabinets and the kitchen. Ambient lighting enhances atmospheres and moods, and feature lighting is appealing and may add a chunk of character to your kitchen.

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The organization is the key

 No matter how beautiful and elegant your kitchen is, nothing is pleasant and satisfying to look at without proper organizing. The correct layout ensures that you have everything you need close at hand and that you don’t run around the kitchen looking for things. It also increases your productivity and efficiency every time you enter your kitchen.

You can never go wrong with plants

Nothing is more refreshing than the concept of adding plants to your kitchen. Plants not just add the splash of greenery to your kitchen but also include the elements of nature like fresh air. You can incorporate your creativity by doing different DIYs with potted plants that can spruce up your kitchen. Hanging plants also look super cute and stylish. Some plants like mint and coriander can also kick in while cooking, motivating you to stay fit and healthy. You can also build a herb garden in your kitchen

Fragrance your kitchen

Always make sure your kitchen smells good. With so many things in the kitchen, odors can surface and linger if we don’t properly care. Odor neutralizing products are a great way to get rid of kitchen odors and keep your kitchen smelling nice instead of just covering it up. Scented candles are an excellent option to get your kitchen smelling nice at all times. Essential oils also help in keeping your kitchen smelling nice and fresh.

Windows are desirable

Windows frames your view by adding the element of nature to your kitchen. It provides your space with natural light increasing the area of our room. It allows natural air to enter your kitchen, refreshing you after long hours of cooking. You can add flower pots and plants to your windows to add the element of color and decorate it with fairy lights and curtains to make them look attractive. 

Closing note:

So there is no denying that the kitchen reflects your style. Share your thoughts on what you think about the tips mentioned above to improve taking your suggestion. With proper modification and planning, you can transform your traditional kitchen into a fascinating area that you adore.

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