10 Low-light houseplants which can be attractive even in the darkest corner


You might have learned about houseplants which help to cleanse the air. But that houseplants need sunlight or partial sunlight. Likewise in winters or in the low light condition, they cannot survive. There are so many low-light houseplants available in online nursery shops that can highlight the dark side. They not elevate the beauty of the corner or dark side but also help to freshen up the air. So if you want a low light plant you should keep reading this article. We have brought the selective houseplants that can survive in cold or low light conditions.

1] Dragon Tree

If you are looking for a plant that lives on the dark side dragon tree is the best option. Dragon tree needs no care; it can grow without sunlight or low light condition. It has spiky leaves which highlight its beauty. It grows around 1 to 2 feet. It needs water every week. But if you miss watering it do not care. It keeps giving fresh air even without water. It has no deep roots but it takes its food from the moisture available in the atmosphere. If you are unable to walk in the birthday celebration, get the online plants Delivery to Italy from here.
2] Calatheas

Calatheas is a great choice of plant to amp up the beauty of a room or office. It is very much popular for its wide and patterned leaves. The green patterned leaves make a beautiful ornamental plant to adorn the corners of the home and office. Calatheas also remove the toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and keep the surrounding air clean and fresh. It does not need sunlight it can survive and grow in a dark spot.
3] Neoregelia

Neoregelia is a perfect plant for the bathroom and bedroom. It can get its food from the moisture available in the air. It grows like a flower. This blossom-shaped plant can survive in the darkest environment. This plant has fatty leaves like spiders. Its leaves look like spider plant leaves. This plant can survive in wet conditions like in a bathroom. You can ordina fiori online.
4] Heart-Leaf Philodendron

Heartleaf philodendron can survive in any type of weather condition. Whether it’s scorching sunlight or freezing climate heart leaf philodendron never stops growing. It continues growing in any type of environment. So if you have a low light condition in the bedroom you can keep the philodendron houseplant in the room. It has waxy leaves which help to purify the in-house air.
5] Peace Lily

The peace lily is my favorite because it also spread a soothing fresh aroma in the home. The peace lily is one of the most popular plants in the air-purifying plants. It is known for its dark green striking leaves and its white blooms. The white blooms sprout in the spring month. It keeps spreading the nice smell around in the spring month. Peace lily can live in low light conditions. It needs proper watering and fertilizer in time.
6] Snake Plant

Almost all homes and offices have snake plants. Snake plant grows in various types of designs from rectangle to circle. It can grow even in the darkest spot. It does not care about the climate it needs water to grow. Send Plants online, Snake plant purifies the air, elevates the beauty of the dark side.
7] Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen looks beautiful when adorned in the corners or window side. Chinese evergreen keeps giving fresh air even in the low light condition. This plant needs moist soil that’s it. If you feel its leaves getting yellow you can give the liquid nitrogen fertilizer for healthy growth. Once it starts growing it will not stop.
8] Silver Pothos

It does not have silver color but its leaves have striking silver markings. It shines in the dark side of the room or office. Silver pothos has a heart shape leaves. It is a creeper plant, it can be used as a hanging pot or you can climb the creeper in the corner. Sometimes it catches silver lines and sometimes it has dark green leaves. The color changes as per the season.
9] Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti do not have pointing leaves. Yes, cactus bears pointing leaves which harms the fingers and body. This cactus is different from them. It has rounded leaves and sometimes it bears pink flowers. It can survive in low light conditions and also survive without water for a longer duration.
10] Spider Plants  

Such as the snake plant, the spider plant is everyone’s favorite. Spider plant is very much popular for its voluminous leaves look. Its long silver marking leaves grows like a flower. It can keep moisture from the climate. It can survive in the bathroom as it likes wet conditions. Spider plants grow in any kind of container. The best part is it can keep growing without water for one week to 15 days.

So here is the beautiful information about attractive houseplants that can survive in low light conditions. Feel free to take it into your indoors, they will add happiness in homes and offices. All the above plants are carefree and survive in the darkest corner. Also, they are low maintenance plant so it will save lots of your bucks.

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