10 Sensational Chest Tattoos for Girls


Tattooing is an ancient art form that has been practiced by many cultures all over the world. Women’s chest tattoos are particularly popular these days. 

Chest tattoos for girls can be obtained for a variety of reasons. Some women get female chest tattoos simply to decorate their bodies, while others get a tattoo to commemorate an important event in their lives.

If you want to show off your tattoo, whether it’s large or small, the chest is a great place to do so. Yes, when we hear the words “chest tattoo,” we usually envision the entire chest covered in ink, but your design can be whatever you want it to be. 

Under the chest and sternum tattoos have recently become extremely popular areas for women to get tattooed, so we’re just waiting for the chest to catch on. Join us as we explore the best chest tattoo ideas for women, whether you want to accentuate your cleavage or simply want a small but stunning design.

Flower Chest Tattoo

Flower tattoos are a sophisticated tattoo design. Your tattoo will look amazing if you choose a sweet and simple design, and floral designs are usually a great way to achieve that.

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Under Chest Tattoo

The famous under chest tattoo is a fantastic option to the chest, particularly if you don’t want your design to be visible all the time. It’s a great space to work with regardless of the size of your tattoo, but it looks especially great if your design follows the curve of your chest, with the focal point in the centre.

Rose Chest Tattoo

Every girl’s ‘go-to’ tattoo is a rose, especially in the rib cage region. You can get the sketch of a rose in black ink, or it can be detailed to look like an actual rose. Another option is to outline the rose in black ink, as if it were a shadow.

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Quote Tattoo on Chest

Typically, the best location for quote tattoos on chest is just across the collar bone, heading towards the shoulder. If you’re going to cover the majority of the chest with large lettering, the centre will look best. 

Quote tattoos look really great on hands too. So, you can get bookmark this idea for hand tattoo designs for girls too. 

Star Chest Tattoo

Stars are a very versatile design. Throwing stars, twinkle stars, and even an entire night sky can be tattooed on your chest.

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Butterfly Chest Tattoo

The best thing you can do when getting a butterfly tattoo is to include as much detail as possible in your design. If it’s small, you should concentrate on the wings; if it’s large, you can add detail to both the wings and the body.

Heart Chest Tattoo

If you don’t want anything too elaborate, a small heart tattoo is ideal. This design is typically placed beneath the collarbone, towards the shoulder. Consider where your clothing straps will be and whether you want it to be kept secret under them or a little to the side.

Bird Chest Tattoo

Bird tattoos are a popular choice for the chest. Many people experience two swallows, one under each collar bone. There are numerous other bird tattoos that look great on the chest. Start with your favourite bird and work your way up.

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Dragon Chest Tattoo

There are numerous dragon tattoo designs to choose from, including mythical, Chinese, and tribal dragons. While dragon tattoos are not considered ‘feminine styles,’ they can still look super awesome on the right sort chic; it all depends on your personality.

Colorful Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos don’t have to be black; add some colour to make your tattoo stand out even more. Whether it’s a flower or a dragon, some colour will make it stand out, and in some cases, it can even make your tattoo look more three dimensional and lively.

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Many tattoo artists recommend that if you have a specific tattoo design in mind, you wait a year before permanently inking that design on your skin. Tattoo artists say that if you still like that design after a year, you are less likely to regret your tattoo design later. 

Hope you liked our list of tattoos for girls on chest!


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