11 Tips to Improve English Effectively as a Primary School Student


English is the West Germanic language brought to Britain in the mid-7th century. People have expressed their feelings, ideas and thoughts using this language for the most extended period. This expression comes from the vocabulary. Our language is constructed on our vocabulary.  In our early developmental years, language development excelled from making sounds to simple words to phrases and then to complex sentences. The education system facilitates the language development of individuals. In the UK, English is one of the core subjects taught to the pupil in each year. The complexity increases with the passing years. Learning English can be a challenging task. In this post, there will be the top 11 tips to improve English.  We have listed the best ways to learn English

How to improve the English of primary school students?

Primary schools consist of education from Years 1 to 6. Year 1 is the initial stage of primary schooling yet the most challenging year. At this stage, the majority of the students face difficulty in grasping the vocabulary. There is a crucial role of the primary school English teacher when it comes to English language improvement. Few suggestions that will help you to improve the English language of primary school students are:

  • Start with the initial practice of phoneme sounds.
  • Make the beginners’ English lessons fun for them.
  • Initiate group activities.
  • Encourage English conversation in the classroom.
  • Use charts or labels to teach them English vocabulary.
  • Practice regular assessments to track the progress of every child.
  • Teach them practical examples.
  • Create scenarios that will help them to implement their knowledge.

Tips to Improve English at Home

In the initial years of primary schooling, there is a need for extra effort. There are a bunch of measures that you can take for the improvement of the English language. We have listed the conventional and feasible strategies for your child. We have also prepared a step-by-step guide to improve the English of your child. Following are the best ways to learn the English language:

  1. Regular Practice

Beginner English language lessons are a bit tricky for every pupil. For primary school students, regular practice is essential. The best piece of exercise is the assigned homework from the school. Get involved with your child and help them to complete their task. Make your child write down every single English lesson. It will help them to understand the sentence structure and paragraph writing.

  1. Use Labels 

Teaching vocabulary to beginners is a hectic job. When it comes to language development, it always starts with a noun. You can use labels to help your child to learn primary households and even devices. You can practice this habit in the garden as well. Labelling different plants will allow them to have built a diverse vocabulary. This technique is considered the best one to improve English.  

  1. Use English Dictionary

Another possible measure to build vocabulary is to keep a dictionary with yourself. This strategy is practical for the students of Years 5 and 6. Keeping a dictionary will help them to upgrade their vocabulary. The practice aims to improve English. For Year 6, students begin to prepare for 11 Plus, and there is a need to learn advanced vocabulary. The practice of keeping a dictionary will help them. Encourage your child to use 11 plus dictionary.

  1. Read, Read and Read!

The secret tip to improve English is to read books every day. Read books and newspapers every day. Insist your child to read books that specifically focus on the English language. The perks of this practice will be an improvement in the English language and exposure to authentic knowledge.

  1. Follow Up English Conversation

We have built the basic vocabulary at this stage, and now it comes to English speaking fluency. To improve fluency, surround them with a role model. The initiation of conversation between a child and the tutor will shape their English-speaking skills. Being a parent, try to initiate the discussion in the English language at home.

  1. Learn English Idioms and Phrases

The best way to learn advanced English is to work on phrases and idioms. They convey your message effectively. Make your child learn different words and idioms. Learning these will improve their English writing skills as well.

  1. Excel your Level from Basics to Experts

Upgrading your level is very important, especially when it comes to improving your English. Start learning from the basics and excel your status to the expert. Look after your child and teach him according to the needs.

  1. Remember your Mistakes

For improving the English grammar skills of your child, this technique is worth practicing. Teach your child to learn through their mistakes. The first step is to identify the error and then memories the solution. The practice will help them to improve their English. This stage is practical for the pupil of every age.  

  1. Make Learning Fun

The most productive tip to improve English is to make learning fun. Games and various group activities encourage the learning of primary school children. There are many online fun games, English vocabulary games and English tuition in Slough available online. They are beneficial for your child to improve English. 

  1. Watch English Movies

Watching informative English movies and documentaries with your children is great fun. Besides fun, these movies help to improve the English of your child. One of the amazing human psychological facts is that they learn through modelling. Movies encourage the child to learn new words and their expressions.

  1. Write Everyday

Figure out the best time that suits your child and write every day. Learning is a continuous process. Therefore, you must write every day. The best way to learn English is to write down every lesson daily. The writing practice will help to incorporate your knowledge in long term memory. Moreover, it will help them to improve their English paragraph writing skills.

Final Thoughts

Primary schooling is the foundation of every child. At this stage, learning English can be exciting. There is nothing like an impossibility. These tips to improve the English language will help your child to develop extraordinary skills. Start working right now!

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