3 Romantic Ways To Celebrate Valentine Day


A Special Day That Deserves Attention
Don’t buy the cynicism: Valentine’s Day may have been seized by the corporations, but it’s still a very good excuse to have a good date with the one you love. Especially as time goes by in a relationship, it can become difficult to remember why you got together in the first place. Listen, people should be falling all over one another in passion perpetually. But they don’t.

Now this isn’t because there’s anything wrong with them. It’s impossible to stay in the state of fluttering joy representing new love forever. But just because grandma and grandpa aren’t falling all over one another like lovebirds doesn’t mean they’re not passionate. Passion grows into something deeper over time; old love is to young love as redwood is to a sapling.

Accordingly, winds move saplings and redwoods differently. However, one thing is true regardless of the size of the tree: it must be fruitful. With love and relationships, sometimes all you need is a little celebration of who you are as a couple to help you remember why you’re together, and why that matters. Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse.

1. Go All Out: Make Some Significant Trip!
The beach, the redwoods, Devils Tower in Wyoming, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, Guam, Fiji, London, Paris, Australia—where have you and your mate always wanted to go? What would be a great little getaway for you two?

Now, granted, trips like this are really best for honeymoons; but if it’s been a few years since yours, spice things up! You might want to go traveling around a bit, see what there is to see.

2. A Nice Romantic Day at Home
Another fine option is to simply spend time where you both live. Especially if you’re looking forward to the intimate side of things, home is the place to be. Here’s a link with a few ideas on how best to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home. Everyone will have their own ideas here. Some people like to watch romantic movies, some people like to cook for one another.

Celebrate Valentine Day

3. That Place Where you Met
Another fine idea for Valentine’s Day is traveling somewhere special to the both of you. Maybe you met at a gas station down on Colfax. Well, have her meet you there, and show up right at “the spot” with flowers and candy, or a ring, or a fine necklace, or what-have-you. Did he meet you at the gym? Arrange to meet him at the very spot you first met under some pretext; then make your gesture.

A Relationship Is Something to Invest In
Today’s relationships tend to have a very short shelf-life, and this is unfortunate. Why is this the issue? Well, it’s anyone’s guess; but in large part, this has to do with people being people. People change, people grow up, people implode, and a lot of individuals don’t want to deal with that in a relationship. Others choose to overcome.

If you’re with someone who you have decided to tackle life with, come what may, that means something; and any excuse to celebrate is a fine idea. Some good suggestions include going somewhere exotic, spending time at home and being cozy, or commemorating some location special to the both of you. At a minimum, hopefully, these suggestions excite your imagination.

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