4 Cleaning Tips For High-Rise Windows


If you want to keep your high-rise windows looking clean, here are five tips to help you get the job done. These include using a magnet-controlled window cleaner, a water-fed pole system, and a squeegee. To avoid damaging the windows, these tips will help you avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions. What if you opt to have a professional cleaning? How much does high rise window cleaning cost? Cleaning high-rise windows can cost up to $85 per hour, and because a two-person crew is required for safety reasons, the cost rises to $170 per hour.

Water-Fed Pole System

A water-fed pole system is a great way to clean high-rise windows without ladders or brushes. The system uses purified water to clean windows without leaving water streaks or mineral deposits. The system also dries windows quickly and without streaks.

The system works by attaching a water pump to an expandable pole. The water is then dispensed through a hose that runs the length of the pole. The water is purified and de-ionized before being released. When used for window cleaning, the system is highly effective and can reduce cleaning time by up to 60%. With a water-fed pole system, the water will rinse all of the dirt and grime from exterior windows. Moreover, the water will not leave streaks or small crevices on the glass, which is essential for preventing a streak-free finish.

When using a water-fed pole system to clean windows, it is important to ensure the water is pure. The water should contain a TDS (total dissolved solids) value of 10 or less. To test the water quality, you should use a TDS meter, which sends electricity through water.

Magnet-Controlled Window Cleaner

Using a magnet-controlled window cleaner can be a great option when cleaning high-rise windows. This type of window cleaner uses a powerful magnet to hold the tool firmly on the inside and outside of the window. It works best with windows of various sizes and shapes. However, because of the strength of the magnets, they can damage the glass if used improperly.

This window cleaner has a safety ring and a rubber rope that prevents it from falling. The product also has 20 sponges and two cleaning cloths. The sponges are easy to remove and have powerful magnets inside. The window cleaner has a 9-inch head and can clean multiple window types.


To clean high-rise windows effectively, you must have the right tools to get the job done. A squeegee is best for this type of cleaning. First, hold it with your right hand at an angle of 45 degrees to the glass for the best results. Next, place the squeegee’s edge against the window’s edge. Then, drag the tool downward, keeping the squeegee at the appropriate angle. The angle should be 0 degrees when the squeegee’s edge touches the glass and 90 degrees when it lifts off.

When cleaning high-rise windows, start at the upper corner and work your way downward, ensuring the blade touches a narrow strip of the glass. It will make your work easier and avoid streaks. Repeat this process until all the water is removed. Once you’ve finished cleaning, use a dry strip washer to remove any excess water and dirt from the frame.

Bosun’s Chair

A bosun’s chair allows you to clean high-rise windows without risking your safety. This swinging chair is secured by three ropes that provide support and stability. It can be used on buildings up to 300 feet in height. Because they can get into corners, bosun chairs can be a reliable way to clean high-rise windows.

Bosun’s chairs were originally made of a plank with ropes attached to the seat. They were created to make the work safer and more convenient for crew members. Although early bosun chairs had very few safety features, they have since evolved to have extra safety rigging and additional lines.

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