4 Main Advantages of Attending Our Houston-Based Medical Drug Detox Program


Medically Assisted Drug Detox

If you or someone you care about is experiencing withdrawal, getting expert help via a medically assisted drug detox is the best option. One option is going to a medical facility or medical detox center and getting help through the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. Our medically assisted drug detox program at Mallard Lake Detox Center is designed to get patients through the most trying parts of drug detox and a healthier, brighter future. Those interested in learning more about Mallard Lake Detox Center’s drug detox program can reach out to our online team of experts.

  1. Benefits of Attending Our Medically Assisted Drug Detox Program: Alleviates Withdrawal Symptoms

It is possible to alleviate some of the unpleasant effects of withdrawal using medication available with a prescription. Because of the wide variety of withdrawal symptoms, which may be moderate to lethal, therapeutic drugs are often used. During medically assisted drug detox, medicine is mainly used to stabilize the person’s brain, lessen withdrawal symptoms, ensure the patient’s safety and comfort, and lessen the probability of recurrence. Many variables contribute to the appearance and intensity of withdrawal symptoms; as a result, they will vary significantly from one individual to the next.

  1. Benefits of Attending Our Medically Assisted Drug Detox Program: Better than the Risks of Quitting Cold Turkey

Medically assisted drug detox is recommended since it is safer than detoxing at home. Some drugs, like alcohol, have potentially lethal withdrawal symptoms. It is safer to quit drinking without the danger of seizures, hallucinations, or worse with medical supervision since some symptoms, like delirium tremens, may be fatal. In some instances, abruptly discontinuing drug use might result in potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms and a rapid return to drug use by the user. For this reason, having medical professionals on hand to monitor a client is crucial during the most intense phases of withdrawal.

  1. Benefits of Attending Our Medically Assisted Drug Detox Program: It Lessens the Chances of Relapse.

As a result of the severity of withdrawal symptoms, many individuals who have tried to quit drugs or alcohol have relapsed and started using again. To alleviate their discomfort, some people may turn to higher doses of their substance of choice, which might lead to an overdose. The good news is that at a professional drug detox clinic, you will be monitored around the clock and given medication to ease any discomfort you may have.

  1. Benefits of Attending Our Medically Assisted Drug Detox Program: Sets You Up for The Next Round of Treatment.

Getting oneself to therapy is the most challenging part of the addiction recovery process. Taking one little positive action toward sobriety at a time strengthens your determination and equips you with new coping mechanisms, allowing you to take back control of your life from addiction eventually. Detox is a necessary first step in recovery, whether you plan on entering a residential inpatient treatment facility or opting for an outpatient treatment program.

Obtain The Perfect Help in Addiction Treatment at our Houston Rehab

If you desire to make positive changes in your life, Mallard Lake Detox Center is here to support you. Going through a medically assisted drug detox plan that eliminates potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms is an effective method of beating drug and alcohol addiction. Also, this therapy aids in supporting you by lessening the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Call Mallard Lake Center if you’re interested in finding out more about the services we provide. Please contact us at any time; a member of our compassionate care staff will answer your call.   


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