4 Mistakes that May Send You Back to Jail


If you land up in jail due to some unfortunate circumstances, you can post bail. Most individuals prefer to do this through a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent becomes a mediator between you and the law and gets you out on bail. There are many Redding bail bonds agents’ who could help you with this. 

Once you are out on bail, you can spend time with your family. Also, you get to plan out things for your next court hearing. However, it’s important to be extremely mindful of what you do and how you behave while you are out on bail. A single wrong move can send you back to jail.

Consuming Alcohol and Drugs

If you were arrested for a crime that involved alcohol, then your bail bond agreement probably prohibits drinking. Even if you weren’t arrested for an alcohol-related crime, it’s best to stay away from such stuff while you’re out on bail. Consumption of alcohol is anyways related to impaired judgment and clouding of one’s rational faculties.

It makes one prone to indulging in acts they won’t do under normal circumstances. Drugs have even a worse reputation. Consuming alcohol or drugs during the bail period might lead to something that can land you in jail again.

Quitting Job

The worst thing to do after getting out on bail would be to quit your job. Even if you’ve been unhappy with your job for a long, just don’t make that move now. Leave it for later. Remember that the authorities are keeping a track of all your actions. Once they get to know that you’ve quit your job, they might just end up concluding that you are planning to run away. This might land you in jail again.

Avoiding Your Co-Signer

Once you post a bond through any of the bail bonds in Weaverville by agents, you are ready to be out on bail. Every bail bond involves a co-signer who takes a guarantee on your behalf that you would appear in court at the required time. If you flee the country and run away, they are liable to pay the loan on your behalf.

The co-signer is concerned about your motives and actions after the bail. So they might chase you all the time and follow up. You just have to be patient and not get worked up. As an individual, it might seem like an intrusion on your privacy. 

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But you have to understand that the co-signer is doing you a big favor by taking such a risk. So you have to be in touch with them at all times. If you avoid or ignore them, they might just withdraw their name as co-signer and that will create trouble for you.

Meeting Certain Friends

It’s alright to have a normal life with family once you’re out on bail. But you have to be careful about who you meet outside. When it comes to hanging out with friends, a lot of caution is needed. You cannot hang out with a friend who is somehow connected to the case which got you into trouble. The court might have specifically prohibited you from contacting them. So it’s best to stay away to avoid trouble.

Getting bail through the services of bail bonds in Red Bluff is not hard. But it is equally important to keep strict control of your behavior and actions while you’re out on bail.

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