4-step guide on how to use the game ready ice machine for knee Pain


If you are a hard-working athlete who is always on your feet and trying to challenge yourself physically, chances are good that you deal with knee pain from time to time. 

Any sport that demands muscle use and movement of the legs puts a heavy strain on your knees. Whether you are a basketball player, soccer player, downhill skier, hiker, biker, or anything in between! 

For that reason, you may be looking for ways to help ease knee pain and inflammation after a hard day on the court, slopes, or field. 

Luckily, one fantastic way to help ease knee pain is by utilizing the game ready ice machine. Here is the 4-step guide to using the game ready ice machine so you can heal and get back out there! You can contact Source Fitness to get more information about game ready ice machines.

Step 1 – The ice or chilled water will form

The first step in using the machine to help ease your knee pain is to turn the machine on so that it will start cooling the liquid inside. Depending on what you are looking to do, you will either want to cool the water until it is just above freezing, or cool it to the point of it freezing into ice. 

Step 2 – Wrapping your knee

Up next, you will get the knee-specific attachment and wrap it snugly around your knee. This knee attachment is perfect for people dealing with knee pain because it not only ensures that the cooled water or ice gets to the most impacted areas of the knee, but also makes sure to stabilize the knee to help avoid injury. 

Step 3 – The machine begins to release water

Once the ice machine is ready to go, it will start to pump chilled water and ice into the ice pack that is wrapped snugly around your knee. Remember that this is a continuous process and the game ready ice machine can supply therapeutic cooling to the knee for many hours before it needs to be refilled. That means that you can enjoy the healing power of cooling aggravated and inflamed muscles, joints, and ligaments without having to get up from the comfort of your favorite living room chair! 

Step 4 – Enjoy fantastic pain relief

After use with your ice machine, you will notice a reduction in inflammation and pain within the area. Be sure not to overuse as that can lead to certain complications. Reducing pain and inflammation will allow you to get back out there and keep living your active lifestyle faster! If you are unsure how to use an ice machine effectively and safely to help ease knee pain or pain elsewhere in the body, it would be wise to speak with your primary healthcare provider so that they can run you through the major do’s and don’ts of using one. 

What to consider for your ice machine 

If you have not yet purchased an ice machine to help you ease your pain, there are some crucial things that you should be keeping in mind. Here are the top considerations to make when buying a machine:

Make sure it fits comfortably

Without a doubt, one of the most important things to make sure of when you are investing in a new ice machine is that it fits comfortably on your knee or any other part of your body that you plan to use it on. Since knees that are swollen tend to be quite painful to the touch, your ice machine should be able to fit on without tightly squeezing any part of your knee.

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Make sure it is easy to use

You want to buy something that you will be encouraged to use whenever you need it. That means getting something easy to set up and plug in to use. Anything that has too many moving parts and feels like a hassle to use, clean, or store should likely stay away from you.

Make sure it is highly versatile 

Whether it comes to the machine itself or the attachments that you plan on buying, you will want to make sure that they are versatile and adjustable so you can use them however you want to.

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