4 Things You Should Know Before Converting Your VHS to DVD


What if you could reliably preserve your memories? 

Before the boom of DVDs, VHS was how families recorded pivotal events and bonded in their free time from the 70s to the early 2000s. Today, you have tons of old VHS camcorder tapes sitting around your house that you’ve been meaning to transfer from VHS to DVD. Maybe the tapes contain memories of:

  • a family vacation
  • Your wedding day
  • Your dog playing with their toy as a puppy
  • Your cat simply being its quirky self…a cat, in other words

Now, there’s an easy way for you to relive each moment. Capture is a convenient service for remembering and keeping memories alive. It’s about capturing them, and stitching them together.

Watch the best times of your childhood. Witness your loved one’s cherished memories. 

The passage of time and the changes of technology are natural so you many VHS owners today have a whole collection of tapes but no player. Digital photo frames and video tributes are not just rare occasions. It can be a wonderful gift for any occasion to anyone—even yourself. 

Before you can begin the process, below are 4 items to consider.

Ready Your VHS Tapes

It’s time to dust off those old VHS tapes and get them ready for the transfer process. 

First, wipe off any dust, dirt, cobwebs, and debris from the case. Next, check if they’re in good condition. The more well-preserved they are, the easier and faster the transfer process will be. Damaged tape? Chipped casing? It may still be salvageable. Assess whether it will affect the transfer process you’re using.

If you’re sending it to a VHS to DVD company, listing down the broken parts, hard-to-remove stains, and other causes of concern you observed will help them in making their assessment. It’s best to do this via email or the phone first so they can decide whether they’ll be problem.

Seek Professional Help

Digitizing old videos and photos is a long and meticulous process that requires expertise. A significant number of hours goes to manual labor, pouring through dusty tapes that haven’t been touched in decades.

Worn-out film is delicate. Proper knowledge and training is necessary to successfully preserve its contents. 

Avoid attempting to do it yourself. This is not a simple DIY project. It’s a complicated process and you could risk losing those videos permanently.

Before Selecting a Service Provider, Read the Reviews

VHS tapes start to wear-and-tear after five years, making them fragile. Stored in them are irreplaceable memories but also private information, so you’ll want to work with a company that seems knowledgeable and trustworthy.

A company with postive reviews will be able to show you that they have a history of providing quality services for their clients. These reviews will help you understand what other customers think about the company before you commit to doing business with them. Read through them to learn what it’d be like to work with that specific company.

Get Ready to Write a Review

Trust is key in digitizing memories. People will be turning over documented private details and intimate events in their lives. A review will help other people in your situation find a reliable company who can provide them with the same high quality of service that you received.

Reviews for Capture often reflect how pleasant the journey of digitizing was for the customers. One heartfelt review said, “You don’t know what you have until something like this brings it back.” When writing yours, remember to be fair, and list the pros and cons about your experience. You’ll help the company improve its services, and let others know what they can expect.

Ready to Reminisce?

Capture enables clients to take a more vivid trip down memory lane. Hear your children’s young voices. See how you and your significant other looked as a couple in years past. With the Capture team on your side, it’ll feel like you’re actually there. Go back in time to a special milestone or a simpler life whenever you want — because your memories will last forever.


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