4 Tips To Maintain Your Vape Tank


Vaping’s tech-savvy allure has gripped many, with statistics showing that two in ten American adults aged between 18 and 29 years vape. Surprisingly, many vapers are unaware that fulfilling vaping experiences and proper vape tank maintenance go hand-in-hand.

Poor vape tank maintenance causes an unpleasant vaping experience and may shorten your vape’s projected shelf life significantly. But vape tank maintenance is as hard as you might think.

So, if you are new to vaping, below are some hacks you can follow to maintain your vape device’s optimum performance.

Clean Your Vape Tank Regularly

Going about your business with a grimy, filthy vape tank is wrong on so many levels. First, there is the common sense aspect of things, whereby consuming content from an unclean vessel invites health issues into your life. The vape juice residue build-up present in your vape tank is a potential breeding ground for harmful bacteria if left unchecked for too long.

Besides health concerns, gunk build-up coats vital components of your vape device, including the atomizer, blocking your vape tank’s airway. Consequently, your vape gadget ceases to produce substantial vapor for intense flavor or dense clouds. Regarding flavor, a dirty vape tank also taints a new e-liquid flavor, while the gunk coating on the atomizer causes the production of an unsavory burnt aftertaste.

Therefore, cleaning your vape tank is a no-brainer. It is best to clean your vape tank and its parts like smok vape replacement coils at least once a week to avoid gunk build-up, causing the issues above. There are several vape tank cleaning methods to aid with various cleaning aspects.

For instance, you can simply rinse your vape tank with warm water every few days to prevent gunk build-up. You can also soak your disassembled vape tank components in propylene glycol (PG), a superior flavor carrier that absorbs all vape juice flavor residue. A PG soak is ideal when you want to switch vape juice flavors.

Finally, you can deep-clean your vape tank components every month or so. Deep cleaning entails soaking your vape tank components in unflavored alcohol and then scrubbing them to eliminate built-up residue. QhjnFkhEPFSPVyPxs6Y7SmHjLSnYSmwBM5clPrD8s2jthVbVJ2eh4XIPk79r4aT5hu

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Store Your Vape Device Appropriately

Vape tanks are somewhat delicate components, and mishandling them can cause irreparable damage, which means coughing up more money to purchase a new vape gadget. Simple vape devices like vape pens and pods have a shelf life of approximately one year, while sophisticated mod devices can last several years. Therefore, proper vape device storage ensures you get value for your money.

But it all begins with buying a vape device that suits your lifestyle to avoid vape tank damage from frequent bumps and dents. Additionally, always check your vape tank seals to detect any vape juice leakages and control the leaks before they can cause irreparable damage. You can also store your vape device upright to avoid leakages.

Finally, vape tanks constitute multiple tiny components, and losing a single component may mean replacing an otherwise solid vape device. It is prudent to have a designated storage box for your vape tank and vape accessories away from high-traffic areas, children, and pets. The storage element is particularly crucial when you disassemble your vape tank during cleaning.

Buy High-quality Vape Juice

Your vape tank carries your vape juice, so your vape juice’s quality has a direct bearing on your vape tank’s status. The vaping culture’s societal prevalence means a ready market for vape products. Unfortunately, some e-liquid producers have no qualms about sacrificing product quality to widen their profit margins.

Be alert when shopping for e-liquid to avoid buying low-quality products that may damage your vape tank components. Consider the ingredients contained in the vape juice. Vape juice typically contains PG and vegetable glycerin (VG) in varying ratios and flavorings and additives. While PG and VG have zero impact on your vape tank, the flavorings and additives are a whole other story.

For instance, when heated to high temperatures, some vape flavors react with plastic and acrylic vape tanks, causing such tanks to crack. Citric acid and cinnamon flavorings are common culprits.

Also, sweet e-liquid flavors containing too much sugar expedite gunk build-up because the sugars caramelize inside your vape tank. Finally, low-quality e-liquids with an excessively thick consistency can also block your vape tank’s airway. Therefore, research various vape juice components, their effects on vape tanks, and any hacks you can apply to mitigate such impacts. 

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Image Source: Pixabay.com

Replace Your Vape Coils Regularly

what are vape coils? Vape coils are among the crucial vape device components housed inside the vape tanks. They are replaceable because they have a pretty short shelf life lasting a week or two, depending on how frequently you vape. Vape enthusiasts recommend cleaning your vape tank for maintenance each time you replace your vape coils, and below are signs that you need to replace your vape coils.

  • Gurgling sounds, indicating that some vape juice made it to the atomizer in liquid form instead of vapor
  • Weak flavor and burnt aftertaste
  • Dismal cloud production

Hanging on to dead vape coils damages the atomizer and wick, yet these two vape tank components are irreplaceable. gsXHw 5dr2R87RVWaJBQPrUBS3uf 1EU3vnBl58DqK3JIB8xN2Byyg010

Image Source: Pixabay.com


Poor vape tank maintenance is one rookie mistake you will not be making, thanks to the above vape maintenance tips. So, include them in your vaping ritual and get the best from your vaping experience and your vaping device.

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