4 Tips to Prepare Electricity module of Class 12 wisely


The Electricity module of Class 12 physics carries an important marks weightage in the board examination. Here, we are talking about semiconductors and the relevant concepts that are asked in the examination. In this, there are several questions based on the logic gates like NOR GATE, AND Gate NAND gate, and many others.

That is why some students studying found these concepts a nightmare. However, for them, we have brought certain tips and tricks that help them acing good scores. If you are preparing for the board examination, then this post is a must read.

How to prepare for an electricity module for Class 12 Physics

  1. Underline important points

First, do not read the entire chapter before the exam day or a month left before the examination. Only focus on important points. In the examination, no one is asking you the entire story. Therefore, highlight important points of concepts like the Boolean value and logic operations of different logic gates. Moreover, learn about the phenomena of semiconductors and their different variety of junctions.

Besides, understand what energy band gaps, valence gaps, and other concepts are. Ensure that you regularly follow this study pattern and jot down important points. We understand that you used to follow the same pattern in your lower classes.

  1. Make short notes

Short notes on every chapter and section of Electricity and circuit devices make the revision task easier. If you are studying the semiconductor section, then make notes about different semiconductor functions, logic gates, and important concepts. So, jot down important concepts and make a note of them on a piece of paper.

Remember not to make lengthy notes which make studying more difficult. For better convenience, you can use sticky notes and stick them around the study room. Or else, stick them wherever you spend more time in the house. Short notes about EX- NOR GATE and other relevant concepts will develop knowledge retention. Therefore, many academic experts suggest doing the same before a few days of examination.

  1. Not to panic

Reading sophisticated diagrams and the truth table sometimes panicked students. As a result, they forget all concepts which they have learned so far during their preparation. Hence, it is recommended not to panic and stay confident in their preparation. To stay ahead in the competition, practice as much as possible. Practice circuit diagram-based questions from NCERT, refresher books, and previous year question papers.

The more you practice, the more you learn. Therefore, regularly practice every section of the module and cover as many concepts as possible. However, few of them start early preparation, but the rest of them start at the end moment. Due to this, many students land up getting low scores in the examination. This led to the discussion of time management which we will discuss below.

  1. Time-management

When it comes to studies, no leniency is expected. It is because exams are a matter for your career. Now, every second is very crucial and do not waste it. But that does not mean we are saying to pack yourself in one room 24*7. Split your break time and study time in such a manner so you manage studies and take breaks accordingly.

For instance, if you are studying for 1 hour, a 10 to 15 minute break is sufficient. Remember this does not include the study time, but only the relaxation time. Take outside in the fresh air to boost your cognitive ability as well. At the end of the day, spare some time for revision purposes. So, this should be your routine till the exam day.

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