How to use NCERT books for biology?


If you are a student of class11 or 12, then you might have already been in a dilemma. In a dilemma, to decide the best books for biology in NEET preparation. Perhaps, maybe all the subjects. By referring to the various sources on the internet, students might have also realized that NCERT textbooks are “must and should” books in that book list. By knowing the importance, another question pops up in the minds of the aspirants: “Are the NCERT books enough for NEET preparation?” 

Among all the subjects of the NEET exam (Chemistry, Biology, Physics), Biology is the “game-changer” subject. In NEET, Both Botany and zoology sections are from biology subjects. While the total marks of the physics and chemistry sections of the NEET exam are 180, the total marks of the Biology section of the NEET exam are 360. With this, students can easily interpret why biology is considered to be a game-changer subject in the NEET exam. So, this article details NCERT textbooks usage, importance, and also how to use it for biology?

Are the NCERT books enough for preparing biology?

First of all, students must be aware of one thing. NCERT textbooks help to understand the fundamentals of each topic in biology or any subject in an “easy to understand” language. NCERT books are enough to score about 300-330 marks easily. If only the student read the NCERT textbook in the right way. However, if you are a student who wishes to top the exam by scoring above 350 for 360 marks, then surely NCERT textbooks are not enough for your preparation. You should add up more books to your list to score top marks in biology. 

How to use the NCERT Biology textbooks for NEET?

Students may think to skip the preparation of NCERT biology books as they are not enough for the NEET exam. As mentioned earlier, NCERT textbooks are essential for NEET preparation as they provide an in-depth understanding of almost all the chapters of NEET. This in-depth preparation is essential for answering the difficult level of questions in Biology. 

Students must prepare NCERT books for class 11 Biology and class 12 Biology for NEET. As mentioned earlier, NCERT textbooks must be read in the right way to score the marks in the NEET exam. Some students might complain that “NCERT is not workable”. But, if a student reads the NCERT textbooks like a storybook, then it is not gonna work definitely. It needs to be read-only in a way it must be. Here is how to read and learn from NCERT biology textbooks for NEET preparation

Go through every line of the textbooks thoroughly: National testing Agency (NTA) can ask the question from any nook of the page in the textbook. Skipping even one line can make you lose your mark. That one mark can raise your rank from 500 to 350. So, it is advisable to read every line of the page. While you are reading the book, understand the concept behind it. 

  • Do not even skip the scientist’s introduction part at the beginning of the lesson and the summary part at the end of the lesson. 

Highlight the points that seem important: In biology, students can come across Dates of notable inventions; discoveries, important terms like cardiology, genetics, Histology, osmosis, and so forth. Highlight those points for further references. Whenever you want to revise the completed topics, you can easily bring your attention to the highlighted points.

Noting down the Notes: During your preparation, write the notes on topics that you are not very clear of.  While writing the notes, keywords can be sufficient. This kind of note-taking is useful to create a better outline of the topic. Students can get a clear idea about that topic. After reading the textbook, if you feel like there are some missing pieces, then just go through the pages of these notes. Notes help us to grasp the content easily and also retain it for a long time.

Diagrams: Since it is about biology, diagrams are a “never forget”  part.  Every chapter of the NCERT biology textbooks has a diagram of the respective chapter. In NEET, there are great chances to ask about the labels of diagrams and its description. While you are reading the textbook, stress those important labels and descriptions also.

Revision is the key:  Revision plays a pivotal role in your entire preparation of NCERT textbooks. Revision and learning the concepts must go hand in hand. Without revision, learning the new concepts can be of no use. It is advisable to revise everything you read in a week on Sunday or any other day that students are comfortable with. During your revision, students don’t need to necessarily go through all the notes, diagrams, highlighted points, etc.  Students can also prefer to solve previous year question papers. Solving them can help the students in realizing the effectiveness of their preparation. 

  • If you failed to solve any questions, then intensify your preparation with fort and commitment. Go through the topics where you are lacking and then start learning them again. 

Additional books to add up to the NCERT biology textbooks:

To enhance the preparation level, these books are highly recommended. After completion of preparing the NCERT textbook, take up your preparation to the next level with these expert books. 

  • “Biology Vol 1 & ‘Vol 2” – Trueman
  • “Objective Biology” – Dinesh
  • GR Bathla publications for Biology
  • “Objective Botany”-  Ansari
  • “Pradeep Guide” on Biology
  • “Moderns ABC of Biology for XI and XII” – B B Arora, A K Sabharwal 

Reading of the additional books deepens the understanding of the concepts in a better way. 

Conclusion: Though the above seems to be small things to practice, many of the students neglect these small things in their preparation. It is the best way to read, learn and understand the concepts of the NCERT textbook.  NCERT textbooks can be considered as the best sources for NEET preparation. 

To sum up, NCERT textbooks’ preparation for biology is enough to write the NEET exam. But to top the score, students need to work upon the additional source of the books also.

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