5 benefits of Electromechanical Systems


Electromechanical systems can range from a simple circuit breaker to a complex airplane flight control system. In recent years, the increased use of software in electromechanical systems has led to a new branch of engineering called “embedded” or “co-simulation,” whereby electromechanical and embedded software coexist on one chip. This trend makes electromechanical systems even more critical in the increasingly digital world. Here are five reasons why:

1) Generating robust control signals

Electromagnetic devices generate far more power than their mechanical equivalents, offering much greater control potential. For example, electrical devices such as servomotors provide exceptionally high torque levels with faster dynamic response times than hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. That enables faster acceleration and higher precision for heavy-duty industrial uses such as robotics and machine tools.

You can use electromechanical systems to generate strong control signals for sensors, positioning stages, and other tools in the automation industry. Brushless AC motor drivers can give much greater accuracy than switching power supplies due to their low off-tune behavior.

2) Providing precise motion control

Electromechanical devices can provide far more accurate motion than their mechanical equivalents. Precision is critical in printing presses that require very high-quality surfaces for maximum performance. Electromagnetic components can maintain a consistent speed at all times, allowing for trouble-free material movement. Further, unlike pneumatic or hydraulic alternatives, electromagnetic systems do not suffer from wear caused by friction, so there is less chance of problems arising from the build-up of contaminants. If you look at  www.e2ip.com/, you will realize that electromechanical systems are flexible and customizable in design. That makes them a better fit for sustainable design, since you will be able to make small changes to their structure without making any significant modifications.

3) Using motors to generate power

In some applications, it is more efficient for a motor to harness its energy to use it as a power source rather than acting as a step-down device. In such cases, electromechanical systems can efficiently provide DC or AC power, depending on application requirements. That reduces the cost and complexity of secondary converters, so there are fewer faults and more reliable system operation.

4) Reducing noise levels

Electromagnetic devices have limited noise emissions than their mechanical equivalents, so they tend to be more suitable for applications requiring quiet running conditions. You can find servo motors in high precision closed loops where acoustic disruption from other sources would cause problems during production.

One other way that electromechanical systems can reduce noise is by being used as a generator. That helps remove the need for a separate power supply to drive the system, and servomotors then become an energy source that propels the motion itself.

5) Protection against vibrations

You can mount electromechanical devices such as servo motors on large metal structures that provide vibration damping and insulation from hazards like dirt or organic chemicals. That makes it easier to use them in dirty, hazardous, and explosive environments with little protection for mechanical components. Servo motors can also dissipate heat effectively without requiring extra electrical components such as heatsinks, so they remain cool even during demanding operation, improving reliability and reducing maintenance requirements.

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