5 Benefits of Tracking Locations of Field Force


Businesses find it challenging to track their dispersed on-field workforces across locations. Several businesses such as Transportation & Logistics, Warehousing, Healthcare, Hospitality, etc. contain on-field employees. The routine tasks of on-field employees usually involve tedious processes. Selling products, picking up goods, delivering packages, working at construction sites, mining, etc.

Employees on the field contribute a lot to the business’s revenue. Since they move around a lot, organizations need a way to track their activity.

Employees on the field face different challenges than those in the office. In the field, employees are prone to incidents. Such as a blocked road, no network service, device failure, etc.

Businesses need an efficient tool to connect with and track their on-field employees. Companies want solutions that would help them stay connected to their on-field employees. This will allow them to make informed decisions while tracking them in real-time. Today’s tools, such as NuovoTeam’s walkie-talkie app, provide such benefits.

By using the right monitoring tools, mobile industries can reap the following benefits:

1. Compliance with the Permanent Journey Plan (PJP):

Location tracking is among many benefits of an employee productivity tracking tool. Organizations can track their employees’ real-time locations. They can also see to it that their on-field employees are following the PJP set by their managers.

Since there is no interruption of in-field data reporting, this benefits the organization. Besides, managers can make sure employees are doing their jobs.

2. Enhanced work productivity:

Location tracking might seem like micro-management. Yet, it is an essential component of employee productivity. How?  It is common for employees to do their jobs with integrity if their superiors know where they are. Managers, but, can stay informed of the operational progress, clock-ins & clock-outs, etc.

Better communication leads to higher productivity and more trust among team members.

3. Fair Reimbursements/Ease of processing claims

Without proper employee tracking software, companies fail to verify employee travel expenses.  Employers can track employee mileage with the right location tracking tools. This way they can leverage detailed reports and cross-verify the reimbursement claims.

4. Real-time device tracking

Several organizations offer company-owned devices to their employees. With employees on the move, device tracking is beneficial for organizations.  With the right tools, employers can set up Geofences. This will alert the authorities when employees go off-course during working hours. Thus, companies can stop sensitive data from leaving the authorized walls.

5. Improved reporting and operations

Location tracking can be of added benefit to help digitize monitoring of the field force. Track your employees’ routes, stops, and daily area coverage with electronic reports. Employees need not carry bulky files to record or report their day-to-day travels.

Closing lines

We have evaluated various field employees’ location tracking use-cases. It is safe to say that this feature has several benefits for mobile industries.  Organizations can use employee productivity data to analyze activity. Such as real-time locations, duration spent at particular locations, target completions, and more.

While a location tracking tool can do all the above benefits mentioned. It isn’t enough to streamline end-to-end communication for the field workforce. Organizations need a reliable solution that extends extra features. Connectivity, team collaboration, and more help streamline front-line operations.

Among several tools for team communication, NuovoTeam facilitates ultra-fast Push-to-Talk communication. As well as several other features combined to streamline your on-field operations. Such as tracking live locations, managing workflow, driving employee engagement, and more!

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Ayush Maskara

Ayush Maskara is a Content Writer at NuovoTeam– a Push-to-Talk App. A media science graduate, a photographer, a fiction author, a storyteller, a fiction manuscript editor, and an avid self-help reader, Ayush has been penning the creative wisdom for six years and have stepped into the IT domain for further exploration and staying awake with technological trends across the globe.

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