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The size of data is increasing day by day, whether it is form of pictures, videos, office documents, or some computer software.  And to store this massive size data, you will need a big storage. But internal storage space or a computer hard drive is not enough to deal with that extensive size information.

While buying best internal SSD drives or separate hard drivers will be very costly to store extensive volume data. And also it is not a very scalable solution, for example to get more storage, you have to purchase another storage device. After summarizing all these problems, we can say that cloud storage is a good choice. And when you can get it free of cost, why do you need to buy expensive hard drives?

Free is not the only advantage of using cloud service, it also gives excellent features. Having data on cloud storage makes it easy to access it anywhere and anytime without any trouble. Besides this, sharing big files is so easy; you don’t need to physically share files. You can transfer them via cloud computing technology—all you need to do it, upload a file on a cloud server and get its sharable link.  However, to access the online hosted document, an internet connection is a must. No internet- no access. 

 Also, Google Drive and Dropbox are not the only players out there that give free space. There are some other services like Yandex Disk, Blimp, Alibaba OSS and Degoo that gives a good amount of free storage space. Not only space but also provide suitable security, privacy, interface, and real-time sharing features. Therefore, we will share the list of the best free cloud storage services that offer free space. Without any credit card or payment details, you can use their services.

List of Five Best free cloud space provider

1 Yandex Disk

Russia has its search engine that is called Yandex and is mainly used in the Russian region. Yandex Disk cloud storage service is similar to Google and Gmail accounts, like you create an account and use all its products. Data uploading is so easy with desktop, mobile, and web-based apps. And also easily accessible on almost all devices.

While working on MS Office files, you can easily integrate with Yandex, making document editing and changing processes simple on the cloud. Furthermore, it also supports file versioning that is used to get back original data before changing. However, it only offers two weeks for file versioning. It gives 42 GB of space with a free plan.

Although there are some excellent advantages of using Yandex, it also has some downsides. Probably, the biggest threat that exists is security. As you already know, it is a Russian-based service, and its data centers are located in Russia. Therefore, there are so many chances of data hacking.


42GB free space.

Web, mobile and desktop-based apps. 

Support for all devices.

Good editing features.

File versioning. 


Some security concerns.

2 Blimp 

Blimp is another good storage option that offers 200GB of free space more than anyone from our list. It gives 20GB of free space when you create a Blomp account. To get 200GB of space, you have to participate in their referral system. The interface of desktop, mobile, and web apps is user-friendly and straightforward.

And also, uploading and downloading data on the Blomp server is too easy; even beginners find it very simple. However, it is only suitable for backup because Blomp does not provide the essential features that are necessary in cloud storage services. Like you cannot view the preview of files and lack a real-time sharing feature.


200GB free cloud storage.

Excellent interface. 

Very easy to use.


Only suitable for backup purposes.

3 Google Drive

When we talk about free storage space, Google Drive is the first that comes to our mind. Every time a user creates a new Gmail account, it is linked with a GD account. Google Drive gives 15 GB of space. I used it to store my document files because I am a big fan of Google word documents. Editing and formatting features are similar to MS Word. The sharing option is also excellent. You can easily share files with anyone.

Also, it makes shared files protected; no one can access them without your permission. However, I wouldn’t recommend Google Drive if your data is very sensitive due to its privacy policy. There are lots of privacy and security concerns that are associated with GD. 

So, I don’t recommend it to anyone to store their confidential data.

By the way, I am not saying you should not use it. My point is privacy; if you don’t have any problem with the privacy, you can use it. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the 15GB free space that GD gives. But make sure you have read its terms and conditions carefully.


15GB space.

Excellent editing and versioning feature.

2 factors authentication.

Good uploading and downloading speed.


Not user-friendly privacy policy.

4 Alibaba OSS (Object storage service)

Alibaba is not just an ecommerce platform. They are also providing great cloud storage services. It is a Chinese based company that offers 5GB of free space. Uploaded data store on more than one server as a duplicate that decreases the risk of data loss.


5GB free space.


Lack of some important features that others provide.

5 Degoo

Degoo is another free space provider after Blomp in the list that offers 100GB. The good thing is that you are not restricted to 100GB; you can get more space by just participating in the promotional task. It allows hosting any files on its server. Another thing you will like is its interface that is clean, simple, and easy to use. Although it is providing enough free space, but there are questions marks on its privacy policy. Also, Degoo does not allow the upload of copyright content. Another drawback that I don’t like is the maximum daily uploading limit.


100GB free space.

Well-designed interface.


Not a clear privacy policy.

Does not allow to store copyright content.

Uploading limit.

Final words on best free cloud storage

Use free cloud storage space to store your data instead of buying expensive external hard drives. Google Drive, Yandex Disk, Degoo, Blomp and Alibaba OSS are great examples of some good services that give a decent amount of space free of cost. Not only free space but also offers some excellent features like sharing, syncing, editing and lot of others. 

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