5 Best Photo Resizer Apps for Android to Be Gram-Ready


It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Instagram is the most downloaded app globally. There are more than 2 billion active users monthly.

Many of us rely on our smartphones to snap photos of our best friends, snacks, and places we visit. What better way to showcase your reel highlights than by uploading them to Instagram?

With powerful smartphone cameras, you want to maintain quality when you resize your images. This is when advanced photo resizer apps can come in handy.

Considering that, it’s time to look for the best Android apps to resize your photos. Make sure to read the app guide below to find out what works for you!

1. Image Size

When looking for photo resizer apps, you must consider Image Size. The developers made this app with image resizing at its forefront, precisely what you need it for. This is one of the apps for Android that’s 100% free, which is an advantage if you have little money.

This app has many options, allows you to choose your type of measurement (pixels, cm, mm, in), and is easy to use. With this app, you can resize your image into various potential sizes.

2. Reduce Images

If you always set your camera to take the highest quality photos, they have a large file size. Unfortunately, large file sizes make it challenging to upload to social media. Reduce Images was created with this in mind and allows you to reduce the size of your images without damaging the original.

There’s a Simple and Advanced mode. Simple mode allows for faster resizing, but Advanced affords you several more options to choose from. Finally, this app is wonderfully ad-free.

3. Resize Me

Resize Me will be your best pal if you take many photos. Only available on Android, this app allows batch resizing. Furthermore, you have several resizing-specific settings to use.

Another one of this app’s features is the ability to add watermarks to your images. This app also allows you to choose your image file format. Finally, you’ll be happy to hear this app is 100% free.

4. Pixlr

If you like adding filters to, resizing, and cropping your images, Pixlr is your go-to out of all the editing apps. Available on Android and iOS, this app allows you to create collages, expertly retouch your photos, and tweak some enhancements.

This app is easy to use and a good alternative if you can’t access Adobe Photoshop. This app is completely free.

5. Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo & Picture Resizer is an ideal app if you have many social media accounts. Aside from its resizing capabilities, this app allows you to post your edited images directly to your social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. It’s free to download, but like other resizer apps, there are in-app purchases.

Be Creative With Photo Resizer Apps

Taking photos is great, but sharing them with the world is even better. If you have social media accounts like Instagram, you must resize your images to fit the site’s file size upload limits.

Finding the best photo resizer apps is easy now that you know what you want. Just click the download button and unleash your creativity.


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