5 Reasons to Avail a Health Card For Future Health Benefits


There’s no telling when ill health takes you on a spin, both mentally and financially. You may not be the person in question that ill-health strikes, but one of your family members may be afflicted. To be safe rather than sorry, it’s a good idea to plan for potential health issues, even if you don’t foresee any in the immediate or near future. A safety net in the form of insurance can bust your health stress to some degree, but not everyone can afford insurance as premiums are high.

Even if you have insurance, most insurance policies don’t cover certain medical conditions and treatments like those under the purview of dental care and cosmetology. Another great way to plan for healthcare in the future and get loads of benefits is through health card download, like the Health EMI Network Card provided by Bajaj Finserv.

This is a completely digital instrument and comes in handy when you don’t want surprises in the way of health problems. Frequently, the worry of having bad health is enough to deal with, and the financial burden just compounds those worries. You should be clear about these five benefits extended by the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card.

Availability of Funds

A key advantage that you get while using the Health EMI Network Card is the easy availability of funds that it enables you to get. With a maximum loan limit of 4 lakhs INR, you can pay for all your healthcare needs. You may use this as a supplementary payment option along with other funds you have access to, like savings, insurance etc. A health card like the Health EMI Network Card lets you pay for any health and wellness-related expense, including equipment tied to health requirements. This includes teeth braces and dentures. 

Stress-free Payment

The main feature that people love about the Health EMI Network Card by Bajaj Finserv is that you get an efficient digital payment tool to meet healthcare expenses without paying a single rupee in cash on the spot. In lieu of large cash payments that you may have to incur — for instance, while admitting patients to hospitals — you can use a health card like the Health EMI Network Card to pay for the costs. You get the advantage of repaying the amount on No Cost EMIs later. This helps you in emergencies and when you need time to arrange for the funds. You get enough time to plan your repayment options and this decreases your concern from a financial point of view. 

Flexible No Cost EMIs

You may argue that credit cards offer you the perk of paying for health expenses without cash initially. However, certain credit cards may not offer you repayment on health-related expenses on EMIs, and you may have to pay your credit card bill with the full amount of cash you might have borrowed. The Health EMI Network Card, on the other hand, lets you split your pharmacy, hospitalization and diagnostic bills into easy EMI payments and these are available in flexible tenors. You can repay the amount in anywhere between 3 and 24 months, while the No Cost EMI facility eliminates the need for paying interest charges.

Digital and Accessible

The Health EMI Network Card is part of the reputed Bajaj Finserv EMI Network and is a purely digital health card. Downloading it is easy and it gets activated instantly. Being a digital instrument eliminates the need for you to carry and look after a physical card like a credit card. This card has a simple online application process and is easily and instantly activated if you are an existing Bajaj Finserv customer, especially if you hold the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. Application is quick and entirely digital for the Health EMI Network Card and you don’t have to submit documentation if you are already a Bajaj Finserv customer. You can easily access your Health EMI Network Card via the Bajaj Finserv Wallet App. 

Partners in Healthcare

The Health EMI Network Card by Bajaj Finserv enables you to get the best in medical healthcare and wellness (spas etc.) through a network of partners. You can choose pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities in over 5,500 institutions across India. The uniqueness of a health card such as the Health EMI Network Card lies in the fact that there is no restriction on health expenditure. You can choose from major surgeries like cardiovascular surgery to pay for using the card, or cosmetic treatments like botox. With the Health EMI Network Card, you can pay for 800 and more elective and non-elective therapies and treatments. You don’t get this benefit with many credit cards on the market today. 

The Power of Payment

Your health — or at least treatment — is in your hands if you opt for the Health EMI Network Card. With contactless payment that is the need of the hour, you can even pay for telemedicine consultations with this versatile instrument. 

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