5 Reasons Why Delta 8 THC Is Considered Important in Hemp Industry


Over the past few years, a new cannabis product has risen in popularity as many companies found a loophole in regulations. This product is Delta-8 THC. Proponents of this cannabis extract say it gives users a nice buzz, without the more severe effects (like paranoia) that often accompany marijuana use due to THC.  

THC and CBD are indeed the most widespread cannabinoids. But per the National Institute of Health (NIH), they are presently about 144 known cannabinoids derived from cannabis. Closely resembling Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Delta-8 THC is set to rival the popularity of its Delta-9 sibling.  

In this post, you’ll learn five crucial reasons why this is the case. With this point, you’ll find out why entrepreneurs and consumers alike are noticing the importance of Delta 8 THC in the hemp industry.  

But before that, let’s further explore what makes this cannabinoid unique.  

What Exactly is Delta 8 THC? 

To fully understand delta 8 THC, it’s necessary to cover some THC and cannabis basics.  

Firstly, the previously mentioned cannabinoids interact with receptors found in the body when consumed. This interaction produces a range of physical, emotional, and mental effects. For delta-9 THC, its effects are mainly associated with the intoxicated feeling you get after consuming it. This is why it is still illegal in some parts of the country.  

These two cannabinoids, delta-9 and delta-8 THC are not too dissimilar at the molecular level. The only differentiating factor is a few molecules. However, this produces a significant impact in which delta-8 THC induces a more gentle buzz.  

Due to certain technicalities in the laws surrounding THC, delta-8 THC is not illegal. But what do the FDA, DEA, and other authorities on the selling and using cannabis-derived products have to say?  

Continue reading to find out and learn why this minor difference is vital in the hemp industry.  

The Safety of Dela 8 Products 

Several studies investigating the effects of delta 8 THC support claims that its use can provide different benefits to consumers. Apart from this, there are innumerable customer reviews providing accounts of the impacts of daily use of delta 8 THC. Nevertheless, they are some adverse consequences that could result from the consumption of this substance.  

First of all, delta 8 is a synthetically derived substance. Its safety depends mainly on the processes involved in the production and where you buy it. That’s why you’re better off purchasing products containing this compound from a delta 8 shop with DEA license. This way, you can rest assured of safety and quality.  

Such approved companies use safe and premium techniques to extract delta 8. For one, the method of supercritical CO2 extraction is presently regarded as the standard process for extracting delta 8 from plant material. This method involves no extra heat and heavy solvent. 

The Legality of Delta 8 THC 

As earlier stated, delta 8 THC isn’t entirely illegal. Now, let’s thoroughly dive into the nuances of the legal considerations surrounding this compound.   

Firstly, you can find several cannabis businesses currently promoting Delta 8 THC as a legal option for getting high. Again, this claim is technically accurate. However, some will debate it.  

Even though some state and federal laws do not permit delta 9 THC, these laws make no mention of delta 8 THC. For instance, it doesn’t explicitly appear in the list of illegal substances. To add to this point, the majority of proponents will cite the Farm Bill of 2018. Under this law, several products derived from industrial hemp, including CBD, became legalized nationwide.  

The Bill also covers some nuanced positions concerning THC. To summarize, the regulations state that cannabis and hemp-derived products are legal, provided their delta 9 THC content doesn’t exceed 0.03 percent.  

The matter is still fuzzy at best, and delta 8 THC’s future is yet to play out fully. But presently, many experts are on the same page regarding its legality.  

The Effects Associated With Using Delta-8 THC 

The primary effect of delta 8 is the euphoric high that users of delta 9 are too familiar with. However, this ‘highness’ is more toned down. Consequently, it has a less potent psychoactive effect, which leads to more relaxing and calming effects. Fortunately, delta 8 THC will not produce delusions and intense anxiety accompanying its delta 9 counterparts.  

Furthermore, it shares similar therapeutic benefits as delta 9, albeit safer since users with limited tolerance of THC or weak immunity can use it. No wonder the hemp market continues to see more delta 8 products from different companies.  

Availability of Delta 8 THC Products 

Not every state in the US allows the selling of delta 9 in cannabis dispensaries. Even in places where you can buy this substance in stores, you’ll have to hold a prescription or license to purchase. These strict restrictions mean online retailing isn’t any easier. 

These challenges are key factors that make delta 8 a promising substance in the hemp industry. Finding delta 8 options, in stores and online, is more straightforward. But that’s not the best part. These products can be legally shipped across states.  

Hence, it creates an avenue for consumers previously denied THC to obtain these products without breaking the law legally. 

Varieties of Delta 8 THC Products  

For those interested in trying delta 8 THC products, there a multiple options to explore. Legal cannabis stores and dispensaries currently have a wide array of products infused with this particular cannabinoid. Examples are: 

  • Different edibles like chocolate bars, gummy bears, and others 
  • Delta 8 THC-infused beverages, such as some seltzers 
  • Capsules, tinctures, and vape cartridges 

Businesses are dedicated to finding creative ways to bring products made with this substance to market. Hence, more delta 8 products will join the cannabis industry in the days to come.  


The entry of Delta 8 THC into the hemp industry has spiced things up. Companies are bringing new and better products to consumers. On the other hand, consumers are learning new and safer ways to consume cannabis products to their advantage. However, given the available options, everyone has to perform the necessary research to understand what delta 8 can and cannot do. Remember, you deserve the best, and no brand should tell you otherwise or compromise on quality. That’s why it’s always safer to shop your THC, CBD, and delta 8 THC products from licensed, approved, and reputable sources only.   

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