5 Types of Substance Abuse Facilities to Consider Going to


Recovery facilities are key to becoming and staying sober. Patients who visit a recovery facility are more likely to recover than those who don’t. There are different types of facilities.

It can be hard to figure out what type of center is right for you. There’s no solution that suits everyone. You need to figure out what works for you.

Here are some of the types of facilities you should consider going to.

  1. Hospitals

In extreme cases, hospitalization might be necessary.

If your life or the life of a loved one is in danger, you should seek medical help.

If you’re in doubt about what someone has taken, it’s better to stay on the safe side. Let medical professionals handle the situation. You don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting hurt.

Don’t worry about getting in trouble. It’s more important to stay safe.

A hospital trip is an extreme step. But sometimes it’s a necessary one. It shouldn’t be the end of your journey.

Once you’ve been taken care of medically, you’ll need to seek further help.

The doctors should be able to recommend facilities in your area.

  1. Residential

Your doctor will probably recommend a residential facility.

Residential facilities are also called inpatient facilities. This is because you stay there for a certain period of time. The length varies from person to person.

Most facilities offer options that suit you. Places like Hollywood Hills Recovery will work with you to find a plan that fits your life.

The majority of residential programs will last at least a month.

Recovery is a long journey. It can be difficult to take a month away from work. Your friends and family might not be able to visit.

But it is worth it.

It’s better to take some time off and let your body calm down. It might cost you time and money up front. Think of it as an investment.

Substance abuse is dangerous and can lead to death. It’s better to take a month off than live your life as an addict.

Keep in mind that a residential treatment is not the end of your journey.

You’ll still have work to do once you get out.

  1. Detox Centers

Detoxing without medical supervision can be dangerous.

In some cases, detoxing can even make things worse. You are extremely likely to relapse while detoxing. That’s especially the case for those who try to detox on their own.

Going cold turkey might not be the right solution.

Different drugs require different types of detox routines. You might need medication to treat the side effects. Or you might need to taper off of a drug.

The only healthy place to detox is a medical detox center.

Detox centers have doctors and nurses who are experts in what they do. They will be there in case anything goes wrong. You shouldn’t experiment with doing this yourself.

You may detox in a residential facility.

Once you’ve detoxed, it’s time to look at other treatment forms.

  1. Outpatient

Even once you get out of rehab, you will need help.

Outpatient therapy helps you continue your treatment with supervision.

Most residential facilities will offer outpatient programs to continue with the same professional after your residency.

If your abuse or substance abuse problem is not severe, you might start with outpatient therapy. This is also ideal for people who can’t commit to an inpatient program.

You’ll still need lots of support.

You should only choose outpatient programs if you have a good support system. See if you can stay with friends or family.

Create a ritual and self-care routine at home like an at-home spa day. Here’s a kit for a good spa day from Etsy.

They will keep you accountable.

  1. Resort

These are the luxury treatment centers.

These are the most expensive types of recovery centers.

You’ll feel more like you’re on holiday than in rehab. If that’s what you need, there’s nothing wrong with that.

You might also consider going to a sober resort as a reward.

You deserve to treat yourself every once in a while.


Visiting a substance abuse facility will help you recover. If you’re suffering from addiction, getting and staying sober should be your top priority.

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5 Types of Substance Abuse Facilities to Consider Going to

Recovery facilities are key to becoming and staying sober....